Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


10. wow

After the premiere me and Niall headed home instead of staying for the after party. Since everyone else stayed we decided to watch movies until they came back. "Wanna watch the rum diary? I asked. "Sure why not. He found the movie put it in and sat down next to me. I scooted over and sat on him, he gave me a look that said seriously your gonna do that who the fuck do you think you are.?! I looked at him back and said, "Oh deal with it you pussy. I had an astonished look on his face. "Um excuse me but did you just swear? I thought you only swore when you were mad? "Yeah but fuck it. Its fun to swear!!! He giggled and I pecked him on the lips. Then we kissed again but for a little longer. Then the kiss deepened and lead to french kissing, now he inserted his tongue. Sparks flew and the kiss grew more passionate by the minute. He picked me up still kissing me and plopped me on the bed. Not saying anything else because you probably know the rest. (If you guys were thinking something like this don't worry. Like this: oh come on really their having sex well there goes my enthusiasm towards the story! I just wanted to read a story with sex later on in like chapter 16 or20!!! Well don't worry she doesn't get pregnant guys.) Soon we fall asleep under the cover naked.I heard the boys walk in with the girls at about 3 am. I throw on a robe and see what their doing. Their all drunk, especially Louis. They plop on the couch and doze off very quickly. I hop back in bed and fell assleep

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