Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


4. The zoo and a tragedy

I woke up before anybody today. I decided to make some coffee. Surprisingly when I was younger I drank coffee and it didn't stunt my growth? I'm taller than Harry. When I got up I could tell I woke Niall from my movement because he came out very silently and wrapped his arms around me. "Ahh! Niall you scared the shit out of me!!!" He started to crack up while I'm screaming, "Niall stop it its not funny!" Moments later I'm on the floor joining in his laughter till our faces turned bright red. We woke up all the boys from our loud laughter. "Alright alyssa that's enough. Anyway I wanted to tell you happy birthday." Oh my gosh I totally forgot! What day is today?" The sixteenth" zayn says. Niall says, "and were taking you somewhere special." No your taking her somewhere special. You guys need some alone time and so do we." They all shook there heads in agreement. The coffee pot dings and all the boys rush over there. I jut giggle. "I'm gonna go get dressed." I walk into the bathroom and see brand new clothes on the toilet. "Niall? Who's are these?" "Yours. Harry picked them out." "We'll that explains why there so slutty." "Huh. I'd put them on so he won't be upset you didn't wear them." "Oh alright." By how big my boobs are I knew Harry picked this shirt out for a reason. It was one of those shirts that make your boobs look ten times bigger with a clip in the front. Then he got me super skinny jeans with wholes in them along with black stilettos. I walk into the kitchen and see a big smile on Harry's face. I just role my eyes. "Niall you ready?" "Yeah just a ... Woah." "Yeah I know." We get into the car and say, "I'm changing in the back seat." I crawl to the back and call to the driver to put the back shield up. When I was done I crawled back to my seat in in some butty shorts and a tank top. "Know that's much better!" Niall implied. We reached the zoo and saw so many people and animals! "Wow!" On the drive home it started to hail. We couldn't see a thing the roads were so icy it was hard to drive. I saw head lights heard a truck horn and everything went silent and dark.

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