Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


6. Tears

I woke up alone in bed. Niall didn't come to bed last night? A tear ran down my cheek. I roll over onto my wheelchair and wheel into the kitchen. I saw all the boys in there except Niall. "Hey guys." They didn't answer me. "Look. I'm sorry that I screamed at you I'm just SOS paranoid about being in this fucking wheelchair and Niall not coming home." Louis spoke up "it's ok." "No Louis it's not ok. I was the one who was screaming at everyone and I broke NIALLS heart. And I need to apologize to him so can you please tell me where he is?" "He's at the park." Zayn said. "He's very sad so be gentle." Liam said. "And very tired." Harry also said. I left the house and wheeled to the park. I saw Niall on a park bench. As I wheeled towards him I was stopped. I couldn't move I looked up an saw my dad with a knife. I screamed and Niall looked over. He quickly ran to me but Terrance (my dad) stabbed him. "NIALL!!! NO!!!" Terrance grabbed the handles and ran off. Niall was close enough that he could just reach him. He tripped Terrance and I fell onto him. Niall stood up and so did Terrance. Niall struck the first hit but missed. Terrance whacked Niall in the stomach. Niall lifted his arm and elbowed Terrance on his top spine and knocked him out. Niall ran to me and started to hold me tight. We cried a lot. NIALLS grip became looser every second until he was out cold. The ambulance came and took me and Niall away. Terrance was thrown in jail. On my last breath to Niall I said "don't leave me stay strong." A tear fell and I was gone. Torn away from him. Hanging on my last breath.
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