Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


22. monsters

Today is dilulah's third birthday. We got her a baby doll (me and Niall) Zayn got her some eatings. Harry took her to get her ears pierced. Louis gave her a mini concert. And Liam, well Liam was the most specialist. He took her to see her mom. I went with Liam. After all she was my sister. I wept. I wept for hours. "Alyssa? Come on its late. He said. I sniffled a bit. I nodded and we went home. I got undressed put some pj's on and went to bed. About ten minutes later Niall came in. "Night baby. He kissed my forehead and shut the light out. Authors note Sorry so short promise to make it up to you! Im gonna make a sequel called serious. Kk. I promise that the next chapter such as the last chapter will be super long. Comment what you think! What I wanted to ask you was if you guys could tell me what you like in a story so I could get some ideas. Also I want to know what your favorite parts of the story were. Comment them down below I will surly thank you for your opinion
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