Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


9. lovey dove

Today niall said to get dressed really fancy like. "But Niall I only own pants and shirts and a really small skirt! "Here! He threw a gorgeous black dress that went down to the floor with a tanky. Look at the top. It had lacing from my back down to my butt. "Niall its gorgeous! "Thanks. I put it on along with a pair of holuaw heels that ally (elonour) got me for christmas. "You look beautiful. "You to baby.!and I pecked him on the lips. "Come on guys let's go! "Wait where are we going?! "Were going to the red carpet!!! I jumped gleefully of what I could in a floor length dress and 6I inch heels. The girls get in on one side and the boys get on the other. Im in the middle ellys on my right and perrys on my left. Us girls kept whispering to eachother on the way and giggling. "What are you girls whispering about? Louis asked anctiosly. "Girl stuff. Perry replied. At that moment us girls burst out laughing at perrys humor. All the boys looked confused. "Oh were here!" We get out and see beautiful lights. I scream, mentally in my head. This day will be epic!

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