Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


18. lost

I disnt go to bed that night. Neither did niall. Hw stayed up to comfort me. "Shh im sure its gonna be ok."I cry really hard until i finally stopped. "I need air. I walk into the kitchen where harry and liam were playinf with dilulah. I take her away from them forcefully and take her outside with me. I walked for hours. I finally settled on a little bench three hours from the house. I play with dilulah hair while I bounce her on my lap. I look up and see a little shining price of gold on the bush. I pick up dilulah and pick up the price of gold. It was my locket. I then imidiatly knew... it was a trap. A bag flung over my head with me struggling for air I on accidently drop dilulah. I kick the man in the balls but he wouldn't budge. I lifted my hand and punched him he finally let go. I swooped up dilulah and ran off as fast as I could. I heard clinking in my pocket and knew that it was my locket. A car followed me and I ran faster. The boys were probably looking for me. I ran for about two hours until I saw the boys with worried looks on their faces. "He's back!" I trudged into the car and pushed louis leg on the fas. "Whos back?harry asks. "The man that tried to take dilulah. I cried. We made it home and niall burst. "Thats it were leaving! Niall no. I whispered in my head. Everybody agreed and we went to pack. "Niall its my falt. "No its not alyssa. I cried while packing. I called dilulahs mother and sge came to pick her up early. She said to drop dilulah off at her house. The boys dropped me off on our way to the airport. I knocked on the door and noone answered.i opened tge door and there she was on the floor ...

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