Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


16. laugh again

We stopped watching youtube around 2:39 am. "Guys im going to bed. I say. I go into mu room abd plop on the bed. I quickly fall asleep. I awoke in bed alone again. I shuffled my feet into the kitchen. *guys if you see an error ifnore it im doing this on my pgone so.* "Isnt someone tired? I hear zayn say. "I just woke up. "Its 1ok in tge afternoon! Zayn screams. "FUCK! I havr to go! I drive down town in my oajamas and pick up my neice Dalulah. I knock on my sisters door and shes already packed. "Your late. She says as she hands me dilulah. "I know I accidently slept in. I apologized. "Its ok. Well I gotta go. There's a weeks worth of everything she needs in that bag. I kiss her cheek goodbye and I strap dilulah in her seat. "You ready? I ask her "yeah! She says with exitment. I drive back home and the boys just stare. "Who's this ? Louis asked while picking up her foot. "My niece. I have to watch her for a week while my sister is on a business trip to Miami. "She's so cute! Harry says while scrunching his fingers attempting to tickle her. "Im gonna go make lunch. What do you want? "Ill just have some spagettios. Harry said. I looked at the boys and they nodded. "Can you watch her while I cook? "Sure! I walk into the kitchen. I almost finished cooking when I heard a big shriek. Not a cry shriek or laughter shriek. A scared shriek. I dropped everything to see a man taking dilulah with harry forcefully trying to get her back. The boys rush in and I try to help. I grab dilulah and the man reaches for me. My locket. The locket I got before my mother died. Had been pulled off my neck and stolen. The last memory I had of my mother was in that locket. The man ran stuffingto the locket into his pocket and running away. I cried and cried

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