Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


2. Hide out

"Well know that he's over with, I'm Niall. Niall Horan." "I'm Alyssa monnahue. "We'll Alyssa do you have anywhere to stay?" "We'll considering that my father is trying to commit murder on me no." "Follow me." He starts to fast walk while I'm back here limping on one leg. Niall looks back and asks, "what's wrong?" "I hurt my knee when I fell out my window." "Can you walk?" "No...it hurts too much." Niall gently pokes it and I scream again. "AHH" "sorry!" Niall picks me up gently and carries me to his house. "Zany! Get an ice pack! Liam get a stool! Louis give her company while I go to the bathroom!" "Umm ok?" They all said in unison. "Hi I'm Louis. And you are?" "Alyssa. Alyssa monnahue." One man came in with a bag of ice. He had really dark brown hair with a strip of blonde. Then another man came in with a stool. He had a buzz cutt. It felt nice around them but I didn't trust them. Niall came back in and propped my knee on the stool and stuck the bag of ice on my knee. I screamed in pain but not very loudly. "Niall! It hurts!" "Stop! No! Keep it on or it will never get better!" At about 9:00 I fell asleep. Around 9:30 I felt the melted bag of ice be taken off my knee and the stool be put aside. Niall came in and asked me, "rant you cold!?" "A little bit." I whispered softly. " here come to my room Ivan sleep on the cot." "Thanks Niall but its your bed." "Exactly and it's my desistion to let you use my bed or not. Plus the cot is so hard and too springy. I don't think you would ant to sleep on that." " alright Niall. You convinced me." I wobble to his room and he asked, " didn't you have an already packed suitcase?" " yeah but I needed to lose the extra 20 pounds to run faster plus when I let go of it he was right on my tail so he tripped over that." He giggled. He got up an quietly crept to his dresser. "Here. You can wear this as a night gown." He handed me the shirt and I just stared at him, like yo dude leave so I can get dressed. Niall finally relished he was looking at me and turned around apoligizing like a bagilion times. "Niall. I'm done!" I giggled. He got in his cot and said, "goodnight Alyssa." I hopped in his bed and replied, "goodnight Niall.

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