Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


5. Help

I wake up and see over thirty men touching me. There telling Niall that its gonna be ok but NIALLS staring at me in fear. I scream for him. "NIALL! NIALL!!!" Niall hears me and starts to bawl while screaming my name back. I can't breath. I'm upside down pinned to the ground by a 11 ton car. The policeman and fireman work at the car to get it off of me. I stop breathing and start to die. I awoke again but this time in a hospital. I scream in pain. I see Niall rush over to me. and tells me to quiet down. I have a cast on both feet a neck brace a broke arm and a broken back. The doctor rushes in and tells Niall to leave quickly. They inject me with something and everything went black. Three weeks later I was out of my casts but still in a wheelchair. I was allowed to go home today. I packed my things and went home. The boys were asking me so many questions that I couldn't answer. I just wheeled off to the living room crying. "Alyssa? Are you ok?" "Yes I'm fine!" I snap at him. He looked so sad. I never snapped at him before. I was sad too. "Look Niall I'm sorry. I'm so frustrated from all the questions and how I'm gonna tend to my natural things." "I can help you with that. We can help you with that." " thanks Niall but I don't thinkyouhave the guts to do what I do." "But we can if you let us.?" "I SAID NO AND THAT'S FINALL!" Tears fell from Nialls face rapidly. He quickly ran out the door without a single studder. "It's gonna be ok." Harry says as he pats my back. "GET OUT!" They all rush to the kitchen. I wheel off to my room and start to think and cry. Why was I screaming at everyone? Why was I yelling at Niall? Will they ever forgive me? I carried myself to my bed and lay on my back. I fell asleep to the sound of my broken heartbeat.

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