Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


11. drunk as fuck

I woke up put on some pajamas and went out to the kitchen. Everyone was moaning with ice pack stuck to their heads. "You guys were pretty drunk last night! Especially you Louis! You walked around with boxers on! Louis face turns bright red. "You saw my boxers? He asked ashamed. "Yes I did superman. His face turns apple red and Elly starts to giggle but stops imidiatly in pain. I go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. I step in and Niall walks in the bathroom about to piss. "Go piss somewhere else ass! I yell. "Fuck you. I fill a small cup with water and chuck it at Niall. "You know what? "No actually I don't. "Im gonna start calling you giddy. "WHY!!!!!! I scream playfully. "Cuz your always so happy. "That's not a bad thing. Is it? "No its just cute. He reaches for my towel and drys off taking the towel out the door with him. "NIALL!!!!! BRING THAT BACK HERE!!!!!!! I screamed. "You gotta come and get it! I turned off the shower put my cloths on (bra and underwear) and run out after him. He opened the kitchen door and chucked the towel outside. "Niall! Really?! He nods and I look at the boys and chinas. They all moan. "Hahaha looks like your out of luck. I snarl and run outside. I grab the towel wrap it around me and run up the stairs I try to turn the door handle. "Lamb you Niall! Unlock this door! "Nver!!! I waited a few minutes and resized he's not gonna open it. Lucky it was summer and the boys didn't have to work. I headed for the pool without any shoes on in my bra and underwear, but it looked like a swimsuit. I stopped to buy a pair of a - v - 8trs (sunglasses) and put then on I swam for atleast four hours until Niall found me and looked very dissapointed. "Hi Niall howya doing up there? "Get out. "No. "Seriously come on. He chuckles. "Never! You'll have to come in and get me! He pulled of his shirt dived in grabbed my feet and brought me to the surface. "Your an ass you know that? I say. "Yeah. "Well let's go. He picks me up bridal style and picks up his shirt and smashes it in my face. We reach the house and I run into our room to dry off and change into dry clean cloths.

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