Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


12. dreams

I awoke by nialls butt. I punch his butt and he winces. "Wake up." I hop out of bed and head for the kitchen. I know this place pretty well now that I've been here for almost two years. Today is niall and Is aniversery of when we met. I grab an apple and slouch on the couch. "Dope." He looks at me and says, "lazy ass." He grabs my apple, bites it and sprints off. I giggle. "Morning Lou." " hey." He slouched beside me and I shot straight up "I gotta get ready!" I run into my room andjput on a blue sparkly dress misleading had Horton me last year. I put on my blue stilleroys and walk into the kitchen. Nialls already ready. "You ready?" I nod and it took like two hours to get there. Niall seated me under a beautiful tree and we ordered our food. "Niall this is... expensive!" "Not really." After we eat we head to the park and sit on a bench. "Thanks so much." I kiss his cheek and we start to walk again. We walk by my old house and my dad pears out the window. He saw me. "Niall! Run!" I took my heels of and ran. I slipped and he was close enough to grab me. He held a kitchen knife and stabbed me 3 times. Niall picked up a huge rock and smashed his head open. "Are you ok!!!?" "C. C Call the ambulance... by the time they had gotten there I was out cold. They told niall I wouldn't survive and would die in a matter of days. I could hear him cry to the lads. I kept myself awake until I could no more. Niall stood by my side every day then he heard silence through the room. The beeper stopped and so did I.

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