Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


1. Crystals in your eyes.

I ran as fast as I could from my father. Ever sine my mother died my father has raped cut and kicked me. Today I decided would be the day I leave. "Alyssa! Get in here!" He said in a terrible voice. I didn't answer. I ran to the bed and pulled out a already packed suitcase. I heard him coming so I ran to my door and locked it. He started to kick my door I was frightened. I went to the window ad opened it. All of a sudden I went dead silent. Then I heard an axe splitting the wood in my door. I claimed up the window. It was to height to jump down so I stood and aimed for the trampoline. Right when I was about to jump my father grabbed my arm. "You ain't going no where you fucking bitch!" I swung around and kicked him in the face. When I did that I fell out the window. I laid flat on my on top of the ground gasping for air. I heard my dad run down stairs. I had to get up! I stood grabbed my suitcase limping and ran for it. I ran into mrs welshed tree and hid behind it. He was looking for me. When he was out of sight I hopped down and screamed. He was only behind the fence and heard me. He looked and ran for me. I ran faster than him because I was more fit and not a fat ass like him. I ran into somebody with braces and blonde hair. I whispered to him, "Hide!" He grabbed me and pushed me up the tree with him to follow. "Why are we hiding?"he asked in a whisper. "That man I'm running from is trying to kill me!" A tear ran down my cheek. "Oh dear!" When he finally gave up we climbed down the tree.

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