Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


7. Better

4 weeks later

I woke up with Niall by my side, my cheery face so gratefull to have him. Today is the start of December. Our one month concert free holiday house. I started to pack and I found a new outfit that said "from Niall". I unfolded it and found a beautiful knee length dress with red flower patterns on and some ruby red heels to go with it. The heels wernt big they were short. Close to flats. Niall knew I liked shoes like that. I finished packing then woke up all the boys. First to wake was Niall. Then Lou. Then Harry. Zayn and Liam were asleep on the couch. I woke them up several times but they wouldn't nudge. I rummaged through the kitchen for something noisy and found an air horn. I told the boys to cover their wars and they did. I pressed the button and Liam flew off the couch screaming. Aparintly Zayn didn't wake up. I told them to cover their ears again and I crept up to zayn. I held the horn right by his ear and pressed the button. Zayn flew on top of me with his arms flailing everywhere. "Ahh!!! What was that!!!???" "An air horn." Louis said histarickly. Zayn threw a snarl at Louis. "Alrighty guys lets get packed and head for the holiday house!" I yell. They all scatter back into their rooms.

~two hours later~

"We already?" "Yup!" Lou screams. "Wait a sec! Zayn runs to the bathroom and quickly fixes his hair. I just role my eyes. "Alrighty everyone in the car!!!" I scream. We run to the car in exitment. Niall says, "Ladies first." As I get in he kisses me on the cheek. "GET A ROOM!" Louis yells. "We're in one." Then he kisses me again. "Aug discussing!" "Aww is someone jealous that Niall has a girlfriend while your just some lonesome guy searching for love?" I comment. Louis just shakes his head in agreement. "Oh my Louis!" I giggle.
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