Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


17. authors note

The reason I wrote that last chapter is because I kept thinking of my mother. When I was nine a few days after my tenth birthday my mother had died because a man had hit her with a car. You probably heard of her. Megan eckenrode. She's hurried in spring church pa. When my step mother had moved into the house. I couldn't exept her as a mother. She hated my mother. My mother loved bright colors she said it made the mood better. She had gotten rid of everything that she owned. One night I heard my dad over talking to my step brother and he said these exact words. "Atleast you have a mother! My wife and kids parents are dead!" It made me cry alot.I always talked to myself pretending she was there. I would scream into my pillow crying and asking her why she would leave us with that monster. My best friend knew the man that killed her. I never go into spranckles anymore because I am afraid ill run into him. I still ask her was it worth it to leave me. For peats sake the man didn't even go to jail! I am crying right now just by writing this. I shouldn't of told you guys this but I couldn't think of any other way to express the way I felt about all this.

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