Raining love

It's a romantic fanfiction about one direction


15. 1 week

I woke up to niall singing in the shower. I get out of bed abd knock on the door. "Ok niall not eceryone sings for twenty minutes now get out its my turn. I waited for him to turn off the water but it was still running. He quickly unlocked the door and pulled me inside. "Aww niall put on a Towel." "Oh like youve never seen me naked." I roll my eyes abd he starts to kiss me. I kiss back and he undresses me. That leads to an unconspicuas moment that i will not explain. What seems like five minutes we get out and leave. I see five boys with inesent looks on their faces until louis spoke up. "Geez youve been at it for two hours!" "Louis!!!" I screamed. "So." I roll my eyrs and shoo them out of the room. I pick out a belly shirt hazza got me last week but its too revealing and I didn't want to hurt him. I put on some butts shorts Niall got me and stuck my av8trs on the top of my head. I then walk into the living room. "Looking good Alyssa. Harry said with a whistle. "Hands off styles! I yell which only makes him growl. I heard a knock on the door and ran to get it. "Hello? I asked "hi were lammingtons girlscouts and we want to know if you would like some girl scout cookies." Louis comes up. "Sure! The girls drop the cookies. "Oh my god your one direction! They shout. "Will you sign my shirt? "Sure. The rest of the boys come out and do what the girls ask. They hand them the money and we grab the cookies. "That was fun. We go into the living room and go on youtube on the wii. I wanted to see them when they were younger so i looked up one direction funny moments and over ten thousand apeared."wow. I say. "LETS WATCH! LOUIS AND LIAM SCREAM. It was nonstop laughter for all of us

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