Its You

title matches little things lyric- 'oh its you they add up to'

a 18 year old girl's life changes forever when she meets the boy of her dreams, which boy is it? who is it? she falls in love dramatically but which boy from boyband One Direction gets her?


1. Out

"LUCY!" my dad shouted through the walls of my bedroom. "GET UP ABBIE'S PHONED 6 TIMES! TELL HER TO GO AWAY"

Abbies my best friend and weve arranged to go into town. its a Saturday, my favourite day ever! I get up ignoring my dad completley. I wash my clear skin, and brush my newly washed dirty blonde hair. I apply a slight amount of make up to my skin making me pretty. I choose a simple outfit, some shorts and a pretty shirt. I quickly glance over to the clock on the other side of my messy bedroom filled with my favourite things. Crap!! ive to meet Abbie at half 1 and its quarter past! i quickly grab my keys to my car and sprint down stairs. "BYE DAD!! LOVE YOU" I scream loud enough so he could hear me. I drive fast, being ever so careful. It took me around 15 minutes to get there and Abbie has already phoned and messaged me 20 times! We're going to Nandos, the best restaurant ever!! i quickly park my red mini, and sprint down town. Ive never moved my skinny legs so fast in my life, i dodge past each person effortlessy but one person stood out. I nudged a curly headed boy really hard on the shoulder. It knocked me back onto the floor, wow he had a hard hit. "AHHH i think ive broke my shoulder!!!!!" the curly headed boy looked at me on the floor shocked. "oh my god im so sorry love" as he bent down to help me up all i saw with beautiful green eyes looking into my soul. My god he was the most beautiful person ever. My cheeks burned scarlet "oh..em..thank so sorry" i stuttered out so embarrassed. "dont worry love, it was party my fault for having you on the ground" he chuckled, "but im Harry" "i'm..i' Lucy" crap i forgot my own name, i started hypervenilating into myself. You're so stupid. He thinks you're a creep. He stopped me thinking with his beautiful husky voice "em do you want me to get you a starbucks? Its atleast i can do" he blushed. HE BLUSHED, AT ME?? i acted cool "oh yeah sure" my heart was thumping. how could he have this affect on me? Starbucks was just on the other side of the shop but a girl stopped him she was 13 i think? "OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, PLEASE CAN I HAVE YOURE AUTOGRAPH" the girl was practically crying, i had no idea what was going on? was he famous? "of course love, no problem" he took a quick photo with her and signed her top. She was crying by now. "what was that all about?" i asked sheepishly. "oh um im Harry Styles from One Direction" my mouth dropped. "no way" i started laughing to myself (not too much though) "oh you didnt know that?" he sounded shocked, i didnt want to sound too rude "em not really" a huge grin spread right across his face, his dimples showing on each cheek and lovely straight white teeth showed right across his face "what?" i asked getting embarrassed "oh nothing, now what do you want?



She's the most beautiful girl ive ever met, shes so perfect! i wonder if she likes me back? or is it stupid to think that? ive only met her for 10 minutes? oh my god i cant stop fantasizing about her. She didnt even know i was Harry Styles!! how shocking is that! wait till i tell the boys this. Will i invite her back or is that too soon, awk illl just go for it, not as if shell say no to me, c'mon im Harry Styles. I didnt even notice she was talking until she had to tap me on the shoulder. "

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