As Long As You Love Me<3

This Story is about a 16 year old girl named Jemma that lives a double live in one hand she is a normal girl that goes to school and loves to have freedom, but on the other hand she lives the life of a popstar she goes by the name of Elizabeth Smith. She loves to sing it is her passion but she also loves to have a normal life. She has a big crush on Justin Bieber the biggest popstar of this century he was the one who inspierd her to sing and he tought her to never say never but she know that he is madly in love with Selena Gomez. What happens when Selena decided to get a break from Justin and Jemma goes to the concert of her idol and gets picked to be the One Less Lonely Girl?


14. What?1?!?1???


 Jemma and Justin almost kissed but Jemma's mom got home and interupted them. When Justin left jemma decided to go to bed she got ready for bed. Before she got in bed she decided to school Scooter. As soon as she was going to call him she heard a knock on her window. 

 I was about to call Scooter when I heard I knock on my window and honestly i'm freaking out i don't know who the hell it is because my room ois on the second floor and I don't think that anybody would climb a tree to see me. I started to walk toward the window slowly. When  I got to the window I opened it and to my suprise I saw Justin.

"Hey Shawty can I come in?"

"Yeah sure but what are you doing here I thought you were going home... and why didn't you just use the front door like any normal person would? hahahaha"

"Well I was on my way home but then I thought to myself what am I going to do home and then I decided to just come back and take you out.... Oh and i didn't want to use the front door cause that boring who else climbs a tree just to get your attention? hahahah"

"hahahhaha Well that's true nobody has ever climbed that tree hahhahh and I don't know if I can go with you my mom is already asleep and since im grounded she'll kill me if I get out"

"Oh well then lets sneak out."

"What really?"

"Yeah, Come  on shwaty or are you to scared to sneak out?"

"Defanitly not but i'm in my pj's and I have no make-up on"

"just change really fast and you look gorgeous without make-up i don't know why you even wear make-up beautiful"

"aww your so cute hahhaha ok let's do it just let me get changed and I'll be right out... wait here"


 I ran to my closet and closed the door I grabbed a pair of with shirts and black tank top throw them on and I decided to wear my converse they were black with sparkles all over. I put some lip gloss on and grabbed my bag and got bout of the closet. When I got ou I saw Justin in my bed looking at some pictures I had left on top of the bed.

"Oh hey shawty I was jus..... wow you look amazing"

"Thank you Justin"

"You look so cute when your not wearing heels"

"hahaha why?"

"Well don't take this in a bad way but your short hahahah"

"Oh yeah I know"

"How tall are you?"

"5'3 hahhah"

"Awww thats so cute I like girls that are short"

"hahahhahaha are you hitting on me hahahah"

"You know it ahahhahah... come on lets go"


 We walked to the window and Justin helped me climb down. We walked to his car he left his car around the corner so that my parents wouldn't see him. When we got to his car he opened the door for me which i found completely adorable. It's been a long time since I have gone out with somebody and the last person i went out with besides Abi is Alex and he was a total douche bag when we went out. Justin started his car and started driving.

"So tell me about you shawty"

"Well what do you want to know?"

"Everything.. I wnat to know everything about you"

 I told him evrything about me that I could and he has been driving for an hour so i don't even know where he is taking me. He was still driving when all of a sudden we saw a that sombody was following.


So who is following them? and where is Justin taking Jemma?

Hey guy's thank you for reading my movella I love the comments that you guys left me I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a while I was really busy but the week is my spring break so I well be updating a lot lol. Anyways for reading and don't forget to comment, like, and favorite my story also tell people about my story I would really appriciate it. And don't forget to comment your name if you want a part in the story. Thank you guys for reading you are the only reason I keep updating... Love you guys<3

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