As Long As You Love Me<3

This Story is about a 16 year old girl named Jemma that lives a double live in one hand she is a normal girl that goes to school and loves to have freedom, but on the other hand she lives the life of a popstar she goes by the name of Elizabeth Smith. She loves to sing it is her passion but she also loves to have a normal life. She has a big crush on Justin Bieber the biggest popstar of this century he was the one who inspierd her to sing and he tought her to never say never but she know that he is madly in love with Selena Gomez. What happens when Selena decided to get a break from Justin and Jemma goes to the concert of her idol and gets picked to be the One Less Lonely Girl?


11. What just happened?!?!?!?!???

  Hey Guys well first of all I want to take some time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby JUSTIN BIEBER. Again like this is crazy he turned 19 time goes by really fast it seem like just yesterday he was singing One Time in a gray hoodie on youtube it's crazy even though I have never seen him in person I'm a huge Belieber I've been here since the end and I'm going to be here till the end. He is super talented, Caring, Silly, Crazy, And Super sexy lol so I'm 100% sure that he is going to be around for a very long time. Anyways again HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!!!!



 Jemma's mom gave her permission to go out with Justin and 5 minutes after her mom left the door bell ringed and when she opened the door she was shocked at what she saw.

"What the fuck do you thibk your doing here?"

"I'm here to see you baby...Just let me in and we can go upstairs to your room"

"WHAT!!!... What the fuck do you think I am Alex?"

"Well given the fact the you never had sex with me I would say a virgin hahaha.... No really lets go upstairs and we can fix that"

 He put his arm around my waist and started to come into my house.

"Get your fuckin hand of me and get out of my house!!!"

"OH come on  baby you know you like me..."

 He started kissing me. And I kept yelling at him to stop.

"Alex i'm serious get off...."
 He kept on kissing me.

"But baby you look so good right now =it's like you knew that I was coming"

 HE kissed me again.

"Wait why are you all dressed up anyways?"

"None of your...."

 I got caught off.

"Leave her alone"


"I Justin Bieber... Now leave her the Fuck alone" He said kin of mad

"Ohh Yeah what are you going to do about it?"

 And that is where everything started.


What do you think that is going to happen? Will Alex do anything to Justin? And what will happen to Jemma and Justin's date?

 Hey guys so sorry that this was a really short chapter but I didnt have time to write more because of the baby I will be updating agian tomorrow and It will be longer next time. Dont forget to comment, like, and favorite my movella aslo if you ahve any ideas please comment and let me know. also in the last chapter I asked if you wanted to be part of the story to comment your name or a friends name Also follow me on twitter my name @JemmaHerrera_ I LOve YoU Guys. Again sorry that it was reallyu short i'm just really mad about what is going on with Justin I just cant believe that not even on his fuckin Birthday they will leave him alone im really mad. Please guys let him know how much you love him he needs us more now then ever. He told Scooter that he didnt want this life anymore and that breaks my heart just to think that he could acually leave makes me reallly sad he is the one that keeps me going everyday and ge is my idol and the one how inspierse me he thought mr to never say never and thinks to him im not afriad to be me and i'm not afriad to take on any challange im more confiedent and I can do anything that I set my mind to please guys just let him know how much you love him and tell himthat your are always going to support him.HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER JUSTIN<3





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