As Long As You Love Me<3

This Story is about a 16 year old girl named Jemma that lives a double live in one hand she is a normal girl that goes to school and loves to have freedom, but on the other hand she lives the life of a popstar she goes by the name of Elizabeth Smith. She loves to sing it is her passion but she also loves to have a normal life. She has a big crush on Justin Bieber the biggest popstar of this century he was the one who inspierd her to sing and he tought her to never say never but she know that he is madly in love with Selena Gomez. What happens when Selena decided to get a break from Justin and Jemma goes to the concert of her idol and gets picked to be the One Less Lonely Girl?


13. Kiss me!!!


 Justin got to Jemma's house and saw that Alex was there bugging her. so Justin and Alex fought. Jemma took Justin inside to get him cleaned up. When Jemma was cleaning his lip they started to look into eachothers eys then Justin started to lean towards her.


 Justin kept getting closer and closer the closer he got the more I felt my heart beat rise. Justin,s lips were just an inch from mine I could feel his breath. I felt like my heart was going to stop. His lips were about to touch mine.

"Jemma i'm home"

 The door opened and my mom yelled my name.

"Hunny where are you?'

"I'm over here mom"

 God damnit my mom interupted us and he was about to kiss me.

"Hey Jemma look what I bought yo.... OH MY GOD IT'S JUSTIN FUCKIN BIEBER!!!!!!!"


"Sorry hunny it's just that Justin BIeber is acutally in my house I thought you were joking when you said you were going out with him"

"Will I wasn't... anyway mom this is Justin, Justin this is my mom and that's Dylan"

"NIce to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Cortez"

"Oh no that not my dad He's not Mr. Cortez"

"Jemma stop... Oh and Justin please call me Staphanie"

"OK will Jemnma I have to got"

"Ok Justin I'll walk you out"

"Well it was nice meeting you Mrs. cortez.... Staphanie...Dylan"

"it was nice meeting you to Justin you seem like a real gentleman"

"Mom stop... come on Justin lets go"

 I walked Justin to the door. He walked outside and then turned back to me.

"Your mom is great.. but iit looks like you really don't like your stepfather"

"Thanks.. and no I really don't... and I'm really sorry about my mom"

"about what?.. her screaming OH MY GOD IT"S JUSTIN FUCKIN BIEBER hahahhaah"

"Yeah that"

"Don't worry about it I thought it was funny.... Well shawty I have to go.... see you later Beautiful"

"hahahh Bye Justin"

 He moved toward me again. But sadly he kissed my cheek and then walked to his car. When I saw him pull outy of the driveway I closed the door and walked to the living room.

"Come sit sweetheart"

 I went over to sit by my mom

"I can't believe you are actually datin Justin Bieber baby"

:Mom i'm not dating him just friends"

"Yeah of course you are i saw the way he started at you.. But whatever you say ... anyways looked what I bought you"

 My mom pulled out a really cute puffy dress it was blue and purple with sparkles.

"Oh my god mom I love it"

"I knew you would baby now its time to go to bed"

"ok mom goodnight"

 I gave her a kiss and walked upstair I went into my bathroom took my make-up off and got in my PJ's brushed my teeth and then got into bed. I decided to call Scooter but when I was about to call him I heard a knock on the window.


 Who is outside the window? what is going to happen with Jemma and Justin?

 Hey guys thank you so much for reading I have gained some more viewers so thank you very much. Anyways do forget to comment, like, and favorite my movella. I will be updating again tomorrow. If you have any ideas on what you want to see in the next chapter just coment and I will be glad to add it. Aslo don't forget to comment your name or a friends name if you want a part in my movella. Again thank you so much guys I love writing for you...Bye Love you!!!!


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