As Long As You Love Me<3

This Story is about a 16 year old girl named Jemma that lives a double live in one hand she is a normal girl that goes to school and loves to have freedom, but on the other hand she lives the life of a popstar she goes by the name of Elizabeth Smith. She loves to sing it is her passion but she also loves to have a normal life. She has a big crush on Justin Bieber the biggest popstar of this century he was the one who inspierd her to sing and he tought her to never say never but she know that he is madly in love with Selena Gomez. What happens when Selena decided to get a break from Justin and Jemma goes to the concert of her idol and gets picked to be the One Less Lonely Girl?


12. Justin!!!!!!


 Alex went to Jemma's house and he was trying to get her to have sex with him she kept telling him to stop and he wouldn't listen to her and kept kissing her. Then Justin came and stopped him but then Alex aske him what he was going to do about it.

 Alex looked really mad. 

"Look dude I don't want any problems ok"

"We You Fuckin pussy"

 As soon as he said that he swung at Justin. Justin fell on the floor he got up and looked really pissed Alex swung at him again but this time Justin dodged it and then punched Alex right in the face. They were on the ground fighting and I didn't know what to do. I Kept yelling


 They kept fighting I pulled Justin but it didn't wok so I pulled harder. As soon as Justin got off Alex Alex ran it his car all bloody. Justin just stood there looking at him really pissed off. He looked so damn sexy when he is mad. As soon as Alex pulled out the driveway Justin turned to me.

"I'm sorry I ruined our date shawty"

"It's ok are yo... wait did you say date?"

"Yeah Shawty this was our date and now its all runied because of my Im sorry... You look beautiful by the way"

"aww Justin...And don't worry about it being here with you is enough I don't need to go anywhere"
"Well it matter to me I promise you that I won't ruin it next time"

" hahahh ok... lets go inside so I can clean you up"

"Ok shawty"

 I opened the door and we went inside. Justin sat on the couch and I went to get the first aid kit. I went back to were Justin was to clean him up. He was not that bad he had a busted lip and a couple of brusies on his face but that it Alex on the other hand Left all bloody. I started by cleaning his bruises. As I cleaned them we talked.

"You know your the only one that his ever actually beat Alex in a fight"

"Really he doesn't look that tough"

"Will he's been in lots of fights and never lost one until now"

 We kept talkig after a while I got done cleaning his bruises. So I started to clean his lips. I was laughing because he wa trying to talk to me put he couldn't because I was cleaning his lip. I was quiet and after I was cleaning his lip then I looked at him and he was staring at me. I looked into his eyes his beautiful eyes that make you forget about everything the most beautiful eyes I have ever and will ever see. We were just sitting there loooking into eachothers eyes and then Justin started to move toward me I felt my heart stop.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what is going to happen between Jemma and Justin?

 Hey guys sorry that it tok me so long to update its just that I have been really busy. But I will start updateing again. Anyways Don't forget to comment your name if you want a part in the story I will be choosing the first three names. Also I will soon be bringing other guest star.Don't forget to comment like and favorite my movellas and if you have any ideas on what you want to see in the next chapter dont be afriad to comment. I hope you guys like my movella so far. Bye Love you guys

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