As Long As You Love Me<3

This Story is about a 16 year old girl named Jemma that lives a double live in one hand she is a normal girl that goes to school and loves to have freedom, but on the other hand she lives the life of a popstar she goes by the name of Elizabeth Smith. She loves to sing it is her passion but she also loves to have a normal life. She has a big crush on Justin Bieber the biggest popstar of this century he was the one who inspierd her to sing and he tought her to never say never but she know that he is madly in love with Selena Gomez. What happens when Selena decided to get a break from Justin and Jemma goes to the concert of her idol and gets picked to be the One Less Lonely Girl?


2. How It All Started

 Hey my name is Jemma I love to hang with my friend and to be silly i,m not the most popular girl in school but I love to go to school to see my friend i,m probably the most social person you will ever meet lol.

  I,m not your average girl I live a double life i,m Jemma but i,m also Elizabeth the famous popstar. It all started a few months ago when my mom married the Dylan my stepfather I don,t really get along with him it,s not that he is mean it,s just that I feel like he is trying to replace my father and that will never happen because my daddy was the most wonderful man on the earth.

 Anyways one day Dylan heard my in my room singing and it turned out that he was close friends with Scooter Brauns he told Scooter about me when he heard me sing he liked it so much that he signed me to a record deal it took me a while to decide if i wanted to get signed because I didn't want to lose all my freedom and privecy but after a while we came up with a way that I wouldnt have to lose my freedom so we created a secret identity nobody know about it beside my mom, Dylan, Scooter, and my Best Friend Abi. And that is how it all started

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