Erase My Memories

You would think Bethany is a typical American teen girl, until she attempts suicide. She spends a couple months in a psych ward, and when she is let out, her parents send her to live with her mom's best friend in London, who just happens to have a son her age, Niall Horan. The two become very close friends, but when Bethany gets to know Niall's best friend, Harry Styles...Bethany starts to grow attached, much to her horror. And much more, Harry too has quite the past. Can the two over-look the past and present problems, or will life itself destroy their relationship?

*Includes self harm, alcohol, sex, and cursing*


7. Chapter 6



I vaguely remembered Harry. I remember he was a curly haired boy, very outgoing, and he was always smiling. So, the fact that he needed bailed out of jail was surprising. I don’t remember Harry and me really getting along as kids either. He would always bully me and push me around since he was always bigger than me. I sighed and rested my chin on my hand.

About a half hour later, we pulled up to the police station. Louis and Liam were standing there. They greeted Zayn and Niall then looked at me.

“Do you guys remember Bethany from when we were little?” Niall asked.

“Wow…you look…different.” Liam said.

“I guess that’s a good thing.” I said quietly. Louis and Liam both nodded. “Where’s Harry?” I asked. They led us all down to the holding cell and Harry was there. His unruly curls were more disheveled than normal, he had his head down and rested against the wall, and he looked miserable.

“Hey mate.” Niall said. He looked up and caught my eye. His green eyes practically sparkled and he was…attractive. In fact, he was…hot. He was always a cute kid but he sure as hell grew into it- puberty did him well.

“Who’s she?” He asked, nodding towards me.

“Do you remember Bethany from when we were kids?” Niall asked. Harry nodded, not looking away from me. “She’s here to visit for awhile.”

“Nice to see you.” He mumbled through his swollen lips.

“You too.” I whispered. I began to chew on my sleeve again, wanting for nothing more than to give him a hug.

“You guys need to leave unless you have Harry’s bail.” We all turned around and saw an officer standing there.

“Can we talk to you about hat in private?” Zayn asked. He nodded and led us to an office.

“We don’t exactly have two thousand…but we do have a thousand is we put our money together.” Liam said slowly.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that.”


“Now please leave if you don’t have his bail.” The officer said, cutting Louis. The boys stood up and walked out, defeated but I stayed seated. “Miss?” I pulled out my purse and wrote out a check for two thousand.

“Here.” He looked surprised that I had this kind of money, but there was more where that came from. I was helping Harry out by getting him out of here. I’ve been in jail before…and it isn’t fun at all.

“Thank you.” He took it and put it in file and I walked out with the officer behind me. He grabbed the keys and the boys all looked at me as we walked out.

“What were you doing?” Louis asked me. I stayed quiet as I followed the officer.

“It’s your lucky day Styles.” Harry looked up as the door was being unlocked and pushed open.

“But…officer…we didn’t pay…” Liam pointed out.

“You didn’t…but she did.” They all looked at me as Harry walked out. He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face but walked up to me nonetheless. He was still much taller than me and it still intimidated me.

“You?” Harry asked in his deep, dark voice. I nodded, afraid to look him in the eyes. “And where did a pretty, innocent girl like you get that kind of money?”

“You make it sound like I’m here on my own freewill.” I said and turned around. “Niall, I’m ready to go home.” Niall nodded wordlessly, then grabbed his keys.

“Stay out of trouble Styles.” Niall said before he left with me following him.

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