Erase My Memories

You would think Bethany is a typical American teen girl, until she attempts suicide. She spends a couple months in a psych ward, and when she is let out, her parents send her to live with her mom's best friend in London, who just happens to have a son her age, Niall Horan. The two become very close friends, but when Bethany gets to know Niall's best friend, Harry Styles...Bethany starts to grow attached, much to her horror. And much more, Harry too has quite the past. Can the two over-look the past and present problems, or will life itself destroy their relationship?

*Includes self harm, alcohol, sex, and cursing*


45. Chapter 44

It was lunch time. I was waiting out back for Harry who I noticed was rounding the corner. I turned the other way and saw Gabriel waiting there with thumbs up. I nodded and turned back to Harry who was now right in front of me.

“Ready for this kiss?” Harry asked, backing me into a wall. I bit my lip, realizing how seriously Harry was taking this. I nodded as my back hit the wall. Harry’s hand was against the wall and he leaned down and pressed his lips up against mine. When he pulled away, I quickly looked over at Gabriel and he had a smile on his face. I looked back at Harry and pushed him off me.

“Thanks Harry.” I winked at him and he tried grabbing my hand.

“Where are you going?”

“The deal was one kiss, remember? You did that.”

“That changes shit for me.”

“Oh well.” I shrugged and walked away. I pulled out my phone and started sending the picture of Niall and Amy out. I knew…I knew this was going to kill Niall.

After last period ended, I saw Niall waiting for me outside my classroom. I knew he saw me because he came walking towards me.

“Bethany, please let me explain…” Niall begged.

“No, it’s fine. I’ve heard enough.” I pushed him out of my way and kept walking. I heard Niall call my name a few more times but after the third or fourth try, he gave up. I sucked in a breath and saw Gabriel. I gave him the go signal and he started sending it around.

The minute I got home, Niall was waiting for me with a face of anger. His face was practically red, along with his eyes.

“REALLY BETHANY?!” Niall demanded, throwing his phone at me.

“Look at it this way…we’re even now.” Niall’s face softened up and took a step towards me.

“Bethany…” Niall reached for me but i pushed him off me.

“We’re also over.”


“Bye Niall.” I said before making my way to my bedroom where Harry was waiting for me. “what do you want Harry?”

“You still.”

“Well no…you still won’t have me. I just got out of a relationship.”

“Yeah, a fucked up one.”

“So give me some space; maybe I’ll come around.” Harry rolled his eyes and stood up, putting his chest practically up against mine.

“You will come around…don’t worry.” Harry breathed in my ear, making me shiver. After, he pushed around me and made his way to his bedroom. I sighed and fell against my bed, trying to make sense of everything and what was going to happen.

When school came, everyone was whispering about Niall, Amy, Harry, and me. I knew this was going to happen but I wasn’t going to let it bother me.

“Hey love.” I looked up as Harry wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Well everyone thinks we’re dating now since you cheated on Niall with me.”

“It doesn’t mean we are.”

“But we can pretend, can’t we?”

“No…we can’t.”

“Well fuck that. You’re going to be my girlfriend anyway.”

“Excuse me but something like that isn’t a one way street and it will be if you want to convince yourself that we’re dating.”

“Soon enough darling, I won’t have to convince myself because you’ll actually be mine. Just you wait.” I shuddered as Harry winked at me and walked away. There was definitely something off about him that I was drawn to…

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