Erase My Memories

You would think Bethany is a typical American teen girl, until she attempts suicide. She spends a couple months in a psych ward, and when she is let out, her parents send her to live with her mom's best friend in London, who just happens to have a son her age, Niall Horan. The two become very close friends, but when Bethany gets to know Niall's best friend, Harry Styles...Bethany starts to grow attached, much to her horror. And much more, Harry too has quite the past. Can the two over-look the past and present problems, or will life itself destroy their relationship?

*Includes self harm, alcohol, sex, and cursing*


35. Chapter 34

When I got home later that evening, I retreated right up to my room to work on homework. That and I was trying to avoid Niall. I didn’t want Niall to freak out on me for something so small. However, around nine there was a knock on my door and not thirty seconds later, Niall walked in.

“Hey Ni.” I whispered.

“I’m not mad at you Bethany.”


“Of course.” Niall walked over and kissed my cheek as I closed up my textbooks. I stood up and gave Niall a huge hug that caused us to tumble over onto the bed. We were both laughing and minutes later we were both out cold.



I woke up in the middle of the night still tangled up with Bethany. I looked at her and how peaceful she looks when she slept. I pushed her hair out of her face and kissed her nose softly, making her nose twitch slightly. I slowly pealed myself from her and stumbled back to my own room. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be with her…I just needed some time to clear my mind without having Bethany cuddled to me. I fell back onto my own bed and held the pillow close to me, hoping I would be able to fall back asleep at some point.

“Niall, get up.” I groaned and rolled over to the sound of Harry’s voice. When I saw the clock though, I jumped out of bed. I was a half-hour behind schedule.

I had gotten ready as fast as I could, but by the time I was ready Bethany had gone with Harry to school.

“I’ll see you later, mom.” I said as I walked out.

“Have a nice day!” I dragged my feet out to my car, angry with myself for purposely giving Harry more time with Bethany.

When I got to school, I still had ten minutes to spare, thanks to speeding. I saw Bethany standing over with Harry and his few friends outside our circle. She was smiling and laughing happily.

“Hey Ni.” I jumped and turned, seeing Amy there.

“Hey Amy.” I said, turning back to Bethany.

“So is that the girl I have to get you away from to get you back?” Amy asked, stepping closer to me.

“Amy…stop; we’re over. Can’t you move on?”

“I will fight for what I want.”

“I’m not breaking up with Bethany, Amy.” Amy smirked and took a step closer to me. I gulped when I realized I had eyes on me.

“I never said it was going to be that way.” Amy took a step closer and leaned towards me. I tried to take a step back but she was able to kiss my cheek. I pushed her off me and started walking away, but I saw Bethany watching me with hurt in her eyes. I went to go talk to her but she said something to Harry and then ran inside. Just my damn luck.

I turned back to look at Amy and she waved her fingers at me and blew me a kiss. She wasn’t going to make this easy on Bethany and I in the slightest…



“BETHANY!” I jumped when I felt someone grabbed my arm. When I noticed it was Niall, I ripped my arm away from his hand. “Please let me explain.”

“Give me time to fucking calm down!” I snapped before storming away. Angry tears started to form in my eyes. Of all people to cheat, or most likely cheat on me, I didn’t think it would be Niall. I mean, of course I didn’t know the whole story but at the same time…he seemed to like that girl who kissed him; there was defiantly something between them.  

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