Erase My Memories

You would think Bethany is a typical American teen girl, until she attempts suicide. She spends a couple months in a psych ward, and when she is let out, her parents send her to live with her mom's best friend in London, who just happens to have a son her age, Niall Horan. The two become very close friends, but when Bethany gets to know Niall's best friend, Harry Styles...Bethany starts to grow attached, much to her horror. And much more, Harry too has quite the past. Can the two over-look the past and present problems, or will life itself destroy their relationship?

*Includes self harm, alcohol, sex, and cursing*


16. Chapter 15


Later that evening, Maura came up to my room and offered to take me shopping. She was taking Harry since he needed clothes and said Niall as going too so I decided to go too. She said she would buy me anything and everything since she wanted to spoil her ‘daughter.’ It made me laugh, but hey…free clothes? I wasn’t complaining.

Maura had brought us into a store pretty much just for girls so Harry and Niall were stuck waiting for me as I tried on dresses and skirts. I was in the dressing room trying on a white and floral high-low dress. I smiled into the mirror, proud of what I had found.

“Can you hurry up, Bethany? We have other places to be!” Niall yelled at me.

“Oh shush Niall…let Bethany take her time.” Maura said back, making Niall sigh.

“How about this one?” I asked, pushing the curtain back. I bit my lip as I watched Harry’s eyes scan my whole body.

“Wow…” Harry finally whispered.

“Is it pretty?” I asked again.

“Pretty is an understatement.” Maura breathed.

“It’s…it’s a fucking dress!” Niall said, throwing his rams up in frustration.

“It’s beautiful on you.” Harry said, looking me dead in the eyes. I started blushing and turned around.

“So, this one must be a yes.” I whispered as I walked back into the dressing room. I was still blushing as I tried on the rest of the clothes I had picked out. Every time I walked out, Harry’s eyes sparkled a little more, making me blush even harder.

We were finally done shopping for me, so we finally started shopping for Harry. We were done with him within an hour. Guys really aren’t as picky. Harry though…he just pulled stuff off racks, paid for them but I knew, and he knew he would pull them off. Harry pulled almost everything off.

When we got home, I was still thinking about how Harry had looked at me as I modeled clothes for Maura, Niall, and him. It made me blush thinking about it.

As soon as I was done hanging up clothes, I changed into pajamas and crawled into bed. Getting attached to Harry wasn’t good. I had to stop thinking about him, and had to find someone else to occupy my time with- someone who didn’t cause trouble…someone like Niall.

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