The Power

So the world has changed, and everyone is scared. Of one group. or is it one person? An organization has taken over the world, everyone falls under it's rule. What's it called? The Power. They are corrupted, and kill to make a point. It is up to three orphaned siblings, a young man, and a dog to find out what, or who, keeps The Power running and end it. Before it's too late.


7. Chapter 6

Ryker stayed true to his plan. We had traveled five hours before he allowed me to grant my scorched feet relief. The blisters on my heel had popped and festered during our walk, and blood caked the underside of my left foot.
“You might want to get someone to look at that.” Ryker motioned towards my foot, “Doesn’t look too good.” He began setting up a fire with sticks he found from god knows where.
“Oh, certainly! I’ll just waltz over to the nearest doctor.” I stated sarcastically, earning myself a strange look from the boy, and an over exaggerated snarl from the canine.
“I don’t understand you.” The words were said so flat, so observational that I didn’t really know how to reply. Ryker crouched over a small flame that he had managed to bring to life, and his gaze had latched onto me. His black hair fell right back over his eyes, but he made no move to push it away.
Finally, when my voice returned, I replied, “Yeah well, the feelings mutual.” I allowed myself to lie on my back, looking up at the orange streaked sky. It reminded me of simple times, when I was a little girl pretending the sky was my home. When I would tell my parents I was born to fly, and no matter how much they wanted to keep me, they had to let me go. They had to let me fly away, and I would return when I was ready.
It was silent for a while, and I welcomed it. Occasionally, an animal of some sort would make a noise and Drew would snarl quietly. Other than that, there was nothing but peace. Until Ryker ruined it.
“Okay, if you want to eat, I suggest you man the fire.” He gracefully stood, stretching out his long legs underneath him.
“Why can’t you do that?” I sat up, glaring at him, “I don’t even really know how.”
His eyes rolled, then landed back on me, “It’s really not that hard, promise. Just poke it a little and blow softly. You should be fine. I, however, must hunt for something to eat. Which I really don’t trust you with the task of. So just stay here, man the fire, and I’ll be back with dinner before you know it.” Without waiting for a response he began to walk away. A few seconds later he turned around again, “Oh, and there are a few camps surrounding us. They could very easily be nice people. They could also be bad people. It’s probably better to assume the latter and not draw attention to ourselves.” He gave a thumbs up and disappeared a few minutes later with Drew by his side.
I muttered some rancid things about the boy and his dog as I crawled over to the fire. My arm reached out for the stick Ryker was previously using, and I sat like that for what felt like hours.
Soon, my back began to ache and my stomach began to snarl angrily at my depriving it from food. “Shut up,” I moaned to my furious organ and immediately felt stupid for doing so. Ryker should have been there by then, but he wasn’t, and I was getting more annoyed by the second. If he had left me, that was fine. He should have just told me he didn’t want to tag along and he could’ve been on his way without all the hassle.
Screw the fire, I thought, I’ll just go hunting myself. I’ve had to hunt my whole life, what makes this any different?
My feet sent sharp signals of pain up my legs, but I stood anyways and began my march into the dry wasteland. I left a line behind me to follow back to the fire, which was dwindling due to lack of care. It seemed weird to have a fire when it was so scorching out, why would Ryker want a fire even going?
Deep down, I knew what I was doing was stupid and careless, but closer to the surface were the feelings that kept nagging at me not to let this strange boy boss me around. The sand grated against the bottom of my feet, and moved away from where I put weight. My mouth spewed every swear word I had ever learned, which wasn’t much due to the fact I’d spent a lot of my life with two younger siblings, and the rest of it with my parents of which I never once heard mutter a bad thing.
After my minute of mumbling any inappropriate word I could find, I saw a lizard. It wasn’t much, maybe the length from the tip of my ring finger to my wrist, but it was something. My mouth began salivating at the thought of finally eat something, distracting me.
That was my first mistake.
I lunged towards the lizard, reaching my hand out greedily. That’s when it turned its head, and I realized it wasn’t a lizard after all, it was a rattle snake. Its body had been hidden behind a small bit of sand that had piled up, and I hadn’t thought to look any closer.
My momentum flung me forward, and I couldn’t stop myself. The rattle snake launched faster than I knew possible. When its fangs sunk into my forearm, a terrible scream of panic escaped my lungs.
That was my second mistake.
“What the hell are you doing?” Ryker came running from behind me, out of the barren desert. My mouth opened and closed, a slight gasp of air squeaking down my throat. The snake was still latched firmly on me, and I could do nothing but stare wide eyed and terrified as it thrashed angrily.
Suddenly Drew was snarling in my face, teeth barred and ears pinned. I fell backwards, my mind suddenly confused with which threat to eliminate first. “Off!” Ryker yelled, and appeared by my side with an angry expression covering his face.
“R-r-Ryker, what are you d-d-d-d-d-doing here?” The snake began sinking its fangs in deeper and I squealed quietly in pain. My vision began pulsing black around the edges, as the world began spinning.
“Well if you had screamed any louder I’m sure even the dead would have risen to follow the noise. Dammit, what are you doing? Stop tugging on it, you’ll rip a good chunk out of yourself.” He hastily grabbed my hands and pinned them to my side. My waning strength made it a lot easier for him to do so, and when he let go I didn’t have the motivation to lift them back up, “Hold still,” He growled at me before slowly placing his thumb on the snakes head and firmly pressed. I watched lazily as the snake opened its mouth, and Ryker pulled its long fangs from my skin.
The last thing I saw before blacking out completely was Ryker taking a rock out of his pocket to bash the snakes golden red head in. Then, I was out.

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