The Power

So the world has changed, and everyone is scared. Of one group. or is it one person? An organization has taken over the world, everyone falls under it's rule. What's it called? The Power. They are corrupted, and kill to make a point. It is up to three orphaned siblings, a young man, and a dog to find out what, or who, keeps The Power running and end it. Before it's too late.


6. Chapter 5

The sun glowed a bright yellow, as a dull orange emitted from behind. I kept trying to stare at the sun as long as I could, before my eyes would tear up, and I needed to look away with spots covering my vision.
It had been morning for a few hours by that time, and no words had been passed between Ryker and I. My instincts had me checking the shadow length and angle, trying to tell the time as if I were subconsciously awaiting the wolves to arrive. However, they wouldn’t come; I wasn’t a part of that small town anymore.
Occasionally, Ryker’s dog would bark and Ryker would mumble something like, “Shut up, Drew.” From those little things he said to the dog, Drew, I learned some things about him. He wasn’t without compassion; otherwise he wouldn’t allow Drew to hang around him.
My shoeless feet were burning on the hot desert sand, and occasionally my eyes would water, and I’d bite my dry lips. Cuts, and blisters covered my feet toe to heel, and I had to sit before the sand grated my feet away.
As I looked over my shoulder at Ryker, I slowly lowered myself to the ground despite the exasperated look he gave me when he saw. “No.” He shook his head, all seriousness, “No way. We can’t stop here, we need to keep going. There’s no water here, and you left in such a hurry we don’t have any with us.” When I glared up at him, he continued, “You don’t get to give me that look. This was your idea, but we’re going off my plan. If you want to dry up like a raisin in the sun, be my guest; I’m leaving.”
As he walked away I yelled after him, “Don’t let the sand burn your feet on the way out!” I threw sand his direction, but at that moment a dry wind picked up and reversed the sand back into my eyes and mouth, and I sputtered helplessly.
When the grains of sand no longer covered my eyes, I opened them to find the face of Ryker filling my vision. His eyes sparkled with what seemed like his own version of amusement. “That was smooth.” He chuckled before straightening back up.
“Got your attention didn’t it?” I scowled at him and laid the rest of the way onto the ground. The sun made me feel as if I were baking in an oven, with no open door to escape out of.
“You can’t be hinting at you meaning to get the sand in your eyes. Not even you can control the wind, contrary to your own beliefs.” He seemed to give up and sunk into the sand across from me. His green eyes were radiant in the direct sunlight, a part of me was annoyed at his perfection, the other part of me was mesmerized; although the annoyed part won out.
“You don’t know me,” I growled at him, “Maybe I can. You don’t know everything. Contrary to your own beliefs.” My hand released another pile of sand his way, and that time it sailed true, right into his own face.
He brought his hands up to his eyes, and he furiously scraped the sand away. Meanwhile, I lay rolling on the ground, laughing manically; just like someone would if they hadn’t laughed in a while.
When his eyes no longer held the sharp grains, he gave me a look that could freeze Hell over; I stopped laughing. Quickly, and gracefully, he pulled himself up and towered over me, “Don’t.” He declared, “Don’t do that again. Ever again.” In his eyes there laid a forest on fire, the flames burned large and proud. I realized then, that I wanted to understand the boy that stood in front of me; the boy with the fire in his eyes.
I tried to meet his gaze with my own, but he looked away, turning as he went, “We should get going; like I said, we have no water. We need to find some soon or we’ll die of dehydration before we even start.” He seemed to glance up, “Looks as if we have another six hours before night falls. So we’ll set up camp in five hours; that way I’ll have an hour to hunt.” He quickly glanced back at me over his shoulder, “Coming?”
I looked from his expectant stare to my swollen and bloody feet. My mind sent out a silent apology to my screaming appendages, “Let’s go.” I said and pushed myself to stand, “After all, it’s only five hours.”

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