The Power

So the world has changed, and everyone is scared. Of one group. or is it one person? An organization has taken over the world, everyone falls under it's rule. What's it called? The Power. They are corrupted, and kill to make a point. It is up to three orphaned siblings, a young man, and a dog to find out what, or who, keeps The Power running and end it. Before it's too late.


5. Chapter 4

My mind quickly ran over the last ten minutes of conversation that had passed between this boy and me. No, I thought, that’s not possible… Not Max and May. They wouldn’t let that happen.
The handsome boy that stood in front of me had to of been telling lies. Max and May were just hiding in the woods somewhere, they couldn’t have been abducted by The Power. However, the more this boy told, the more sense he made.
The Power had a small security unit, one that was their most successful and most fierce. They took children around the world and retrained them to fight for the corrupt government, never even giving the children a choice.
As he told me more, my hands began to fist and shake with anger. Who could be so heartless as to take kids from their homes, take away their lives, memories, and families? Then create a monster, one who kills with no mercy for a government they don’t yet understand.
The boy stopped speaking, and stared at the determined look that crossed my face. “What are you thinking?” He asked, seeming curious more than anything else. It was as if he didn’t have much experience with other people’s emotions, and he wanted to learn.
“I’m getting them back.” I said it short, simple. One would think that no argument could be made with a sentence that was so to-the-point. The boy proved me wrong, however.
“No!” He shouted, and the canine by his side pinned its ears and snarled a threat at me. “You can’t go there yet. There’s no way of knowing what to even expect!” His voice rose to a level of exasperation, and I stared at him.
“You can’t expect me to play this safe when my only family left is out there somewhere, being forced to fight for a system they wouldn’t believe in otherwise. Not to mention, they could get killed! They could die while I stand here preparing for something that’s impossible to even prepare for. You said you’re here to help, this is how.” My chin stuck itself forward, a symbol of stubbornness I had inherited from my father.
A look of pure frustration crossed his eyes in such a flash, I felt a flood of fear cover me from head to toe. In that second that rage was exposed from deep within him, he looked to be completely out of control.
As soon as it had come, it left. He just looked like a curious boy, peaking at me from eyes the color of an emerald forest. I felt like a specimen on display in some sort of museum, although I’d only ever been to a museum once.
“I do want to help…” He mulled, as if I were a large mountain in his path, and he were trying to calculate a way around me. My hands clenched and unclenched, damp with sweat at my sides. The dog sat there next to him, obediently, staring at me like I was unworthy of its presence.
Then it hit me, “Wait! What kind of dog is that? I’ve never been good with different breeds.” My question seemed to take the boy off guard and he looked taken aback.
“Uh, German Shepherd I believe. I came across him a while ago, and he hasn’t left my side since. Annoying canine,” He continued speaking, though by that point he might as well have been talking to himself. I was deep in my own head, thinking of the impossibility that May was right.
May, she knew. She knew he was coming, she told you. She said there’d be a dog. A boy would be looking for you. May was right. My eyes widened to where I thought they’d pop out of my head.
“Excuse me,” I mumbled as I turned from the boy, “But I need to go get my brother and sister now.” My feet seemed to mechanically place one foot in front of the other. I felt the tenseness in my legs, anticipating that I was about to run.
“Wait!” He yelled from behind, and I turned to look at him as I started jogging backwards. His eyes looked calculating, “You don’t know what’s out there. If I’m correct, you, like everyone here, has never really lived or been out there.” With that, he seemed smug, his eyes daring me to keep going. So I kept going.
“It’s my family. It doesn’t matter.” My arms spread wide by my side as if to say, Challenge me, I will win.
Though he was shrinking, I heard him all the same when he gave in. First, there was a long sigh, before he seemed to motion to his canine companion. At first, my heart constricted, and I thought he was sending the dog after me. However, instead the animal just stood, looking at the boy and wagging its tail. Then, the boy yelled, “Wait! I’m coming!” Soon, the boy and dog were by my side, both looking none too happy about it.
“You know, there are some people out there who would tell you I’m not bad company.” I smiled tightly in the awkward air, and he glanced over at me. I took a sharp intake of breath as I realized something about him that I hadn’t before.
He was beautiful. Not the story book beautiful where he was perfectly sculpted and glittered in the sunlight, but the kind of gorgeous that showed just how dangerous he was. His black hair fell into his eyes, just short enough that when he pushed it back, it just fell right into his dark green eyes again. His eyes, though they were green, seemed speckled with emotions, more than color. He seemed curious, scared, fierce, and cautious all at once. His arms were covered in bruises and scars, contrasting with his golden-tanned skin. As my eyes trailed back up to his angled, yet smooth face, I realized he was staring at me.
A hot blush filled my cheeks and I looked away, “What’d you say?” I asked him as I inspected a not-so-interesting rock in the distance.
“I said,” He sighed exasperatedly, “I never mentioned you being bad company. Although I do not enjoy being stared at. It’s… uncomfortable.” He finished and I scoffed in astonishment. It was strange how he had addressed it, and I couldn’t decide between punching him, or hiding my face. So I settled for laughing. “What’s so funny?” He demanded, and I glanced over at him.
“You are a strange boy.” I chuckled, and his eyes lit up with anger and confusion. He spent a lot of his time confused, as if he were new to the world I had lived in my whole life.
“Do not make fun of me.” He crossed his arms across his muscular chest, and I rolled my eyes at him. He looked as if he were a child, stubbornly disobeying his mother.
“You misunderstand me,” I explained, “I was no more making fun of you than you were of me when you mentioned me staring at you. I was stating an observation.” My eyes looked to his expectantly, waiting for him to understand.
“Oh.” Was all he said before turning his head straight again to walk on. I knew he didn’t like me staring, but I didn’t care. He was mysterious, a new creature in my never-changing life. In my opinion, that was something that deserved to be stared at.
After a few minutes of walking across desert sand in silence I asked a question that had been long on my mind, “So, mysterious boy wonder,” He quickly jerked his head to stare at her blankly, “What’s your name? Or what should I call you? Maybe it’s just me but calling you “Boy” is kind of weird.” I held up my hands defensively, “Like I said, maybe it’s just me.”
He moved his mouth around, as if he were chewing on what he was going to say, “Call me…” He dragged the words out before a light lit up in his eyes and he smiled, “Call me Ryker.”
I felt a smile tug at the corner of my mouth as well, “Okay, Ryker it is. However, I hold all rights to shorten it as I choose. Deal, Ryk?” Before he could protest, I quickened my steps so I was a good few feet in front of him, the smile still spread across my face.

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