The Power

So the world has changed, and everyone is scared. Of one group. or is it one person? An organization has taken over the world, everyone falls under it's rule. What's it called? The Power. They are corrupted, and kill to make a point. It is up to three orphaned siblings, a young man, and a dog to find out what, or who, keeps The Power running and end it. Before it's too late.


4. Chapter 3

The silence surrounded me, and though it was quiet, it was deafening. The world seemed to stand still, the red sky now black, the cracked ground now drenched in blood.  Shadows separated me from the real world as I stumbled through the forest and away from the massacre. Maybe the twins had gone back to the crumbled shed, to see if there was anything retrievable.
Branches cracked beneath my bleeding feet as I used an inhuman amount of will power to push my legs harder, faster. I kept withholding a scream of fear, one that could alert anyone out there to my survival. That begged the question as to what I was going to do. The world seemed to have twisted itself upside down in a matter of hours, and there wasn’t anything I could do to save anyone.
Blindly, I crashed through the brush and jabbed my foot into a sharp piece of wood. I had reached the shed, but there seemed to be no other life there. “Max?” I whispered, my voice thick with emotion, “May?” My hands reached out in front of me, searching for something to hold me upright. In the end, I just sat on the destruction of the shed.
Tears ran freely from my eyes as if they were two separate rivers, and the only way to stop them was to find May and Max to build a dam over my tear ducts. My throat grew tight, and soon I was gasping for breath between sobs of loss. I was supposed to watch them, I was supposed to help them no matter what they went through. I couldn’t help them if they were missing, or worse.
I scooped up a jagged edge of wood and threw it across the old yellowed lawn. I allowed myself to scream as it soared through the blackened night sky and into the shrubbery from which I had emerged.
Usually, I wouldn’t have heard or even paid attention to what happened next, but it was a weird night all together. When the piece of wood made contact, it didn’t make the hollow noise wood usually made when it collided. Instead, it made a small thud, followed by a faint grunt.
Slowly, I stood up and stared at the spot in the darkness. At first, I almost ran to the forest laughing hysterically and calling for Max, but I withheld. If it were Max and May, they would show themselves to me. They wouldn’t be hiding in the bushes waiting for a distraught me to come along and find them.
My feet slowly placed one in front of the other, pausing on occasion to listen for irregular breathing coming from the thick forest. Nothing but silence, whoever was there knew I was coming now.
“Hello?” I called into the trees, trying to make myself sound intimidating and in-charge: “Come out from where you are now. I will not ask again. If you fail to meet my requirements, I will shoot first and ask questions later.” My voice stayed steady, though my body shook as if hurricane force winds were attempting to blow me away.
“You and what weapon?” A man’s voice answered from the forest, carried by a small breeze that blew the trees as well. I jumped at the noise and looked around, paranoid he could come from anywhere.
“I-I have a bow.” I lied, my voice betrayed the steady tone I had set, and it cracked once, showing the fear the raced through my body.
“You lie to me.” A shape stepped from the shadows, no, two shapes. My caution made the world seem to spin, I could take two if I needed to. I had just taken down a Power wolf, I could probably assume two men wouldn’t be that hard.
However, the second shape wasn’t human, the second shape was a dog. My body pulsed with adrenaline, ready to commence my fight or flight sequence any second, but instead, I stood my ground.
“What do you want?” I snarled at the shadow that grew closer and closer by the second, walking as though he had all the time in the world. Maybe he did, maybe I was the one running out of time.
“I’m here to help you, and by the looks of it, you really need it.” Closer still, his shadow grew and stretched, morphing like some creature ready to consume their prey. Jaw unhinged, eyes wide with pleasure, claws raking against smooth skin, that’s all I pictured as he grew in my vision.
“I don’t need your help, I have things under control.” My arms crossed, my stubborn habit that always annoyed my family, when they were alive. The boy stopped.
“Oh? So you meant to let your siblings get taken?” With those words my world shattered into a million pieces of sharp glass. Everywhere I stepped, I would get cut. My eyes darted around before landing back on the boy and his dog.
“Who are you?” My voice came out clear, concentrated, and ready. If Max and May were taken, I knew who took them. However, I didn’t know if this boy was trustworthy. A light flicked on, under his chin, a flashlight. It illuminated his face, also creating shadows under in nose and eyes.
“Like I said,” He smiled, “I’m here to help you.”

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