The Power

So the world has changed, and everyone is scared. Of one group. or is it one person? An organization has taken over the world, everyone falls under it's rule. What's it called? The Power. They are corrupted, and kill to make a point. It is up to three orphaned siblings, a young man, and a dog to find out what, or who, keeps The Power running and end it. Before it's too late.


3. Chapter 2

The sky filled with the sound of pounding paws, wild snarls, and the screams of the others thrown out of their houses as well. The cracked earth vibrated beneath my shoeless feet, and dirt rose from the ground, clouding my vision and hiding the twins from my view.
That was panic in its purest form. The red setting sky framed the world in a blood- like glow, foretelling the bloodbath that was to come. I reached out through the dirt, searching for the twins, but to no prevail.
“May!” I screamed, “Max! Where are you?” My feet shuffled forward, through the smoke. Soon, I was standing in the middle of pure, utter silence. I don’t remember stopping and turning, but I know I did. Somehow, I had gone from facing a world of terrified faces, to staring into the eyes of a wolf.
My muscles were frozen, holding my body stiff and ridged. The wolf seemed to be smirking at me, breathing in my fear, tasting it. I refused to shake, any weakness that was exploited would be taken advantage of. The wolf was the predator, and I its prey.
A low growl started in the back of its throat, vibrating the ground beneath my feet. Still, I stared into its oddly intelligent eyes. It shook me to see how strangely human it seemed. “I just can’t figure you out…” I whispered under my breath, causing the wolf to cease growling and cock its head to the side.
“Nala!” May screamed from behind me, causing all hell to break loose. The wolf lunged, and for the first time, I saw how many more were behind it. There must have been ten wolves surrounding the little town I had called home for years.
When the teeth clamped down on my arm, my first instinct was to pull, but there was another instinct, deep within me, that told me to stand my ground. For some reason, that’s the instinct I followed.
The second the wolf’s teeth released, I swung my right leg around and hit it in its firm jaw. That sent a jolt of pain up my leg, but I continued to lash out. Nothing I did seemed to have any effect on the wolf, but it distracted it.
As I went for another kick, I froze. The twins, where were they? My foot fell to the ground and I turned on my heel, racing into the mad crowd. I scanned the crowd, couldn’t find the twins.
“Max?!” I screamed over the madness, “May?! Where are you two? Max?! May?!” My emotions frantically swirled through my body, taking over all common sense. I was walking blindly, screaming and trying to catch my breath. Then I tripped.
I had walked into the rubble of what used to be a house. Sharp wooden panels sat around me, and I quickly looked at my stinging palm. I had cut it when I fell, and the red from my blood covered a small plank of wood. A hysterical laugh bubbled up from within me.
A growl sounded from in front of me. I looked up, and found the wolf standing right there, face to face with me once again. Its teeth were barred, showing yellow canines and saliva covered gums.
Its breath smelled rank, like meat left days without being refrigerated. My gag reflex fought to come up, but I kept it down. “Nice boy.” I choked out, glancing for an escape route. The wolf snarled in response.
Finally, it hit me. The wolf sat back on its haunches, preparing to lunge. The second it did, I swooped up the board with the red stain on it, and let the wolf impale itself on the small piece of house left behind.
I could tell when it had bled out, due to the lack of breathing coming from the corpse. However, when I tried to lift it, I realized just how heavy wolves really were. The strength it took to lift the carcass from my torso was impossible to imagine.
As I lay there, catching my breath and listening to the silence around me, I realized I was the only survivor. Though I hadn’t seen the twins. So where were they?
I launched to my feet, looking around just in time to see all the wolves that were left walk off into the distance, away from the town they had just rid of half its population.

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