My Sweet Valentine



1. A Special DayI

February 12th. Mum and Dad's 13th Wedding Anniversary and I was making them both breakfast in bed. Whilst I finished dishing up the bacon and eggs my brothers took them their cards and presents. I shouted up to say I was ready with breakfast and as I came up the stairs and placed the tray on the bedside my Dad handed me an envelope.


"What's this?" I asked.

Troy, my brother, looks at me and says "open it and find out."


I opened it and to my surprise I pulled out four tickets and VIP passes to see One Direction at Sheffield Arena.


"Aah!" I screamed. "Thank you! Thank you!" 

"You're such a fan-girl." Troy said to me.

"Well you're just a loser and you don't understand my dedication." I snapped back jokingly. "Wait!" I turned to look at my parents, "Why are you giving me a present on your Anniversary?"

"Well me and your Dad celebrate today because it is our Anniversary and it's special, a day to remember, so we thought it would be great if you and your brothers had something to remember on this day as well." my Mum replied back with a warm smile.


I shrugged it off and said thanks, not reading too much into it and pulled my phone out of my back pocket. Speedily texting Vicky to get ready and come round I fell down the stairs. I got back up and then my phone rang, it was Vicky. 


"What do you want me to come round for?" she asked. 

"Just come over and bring clothes, makeup and anything else you need for going to a concert." I demanded.

"You got tickets? To see who?" she quizzed.

"One Band, One Dream..."

"ONE DIRECTION!" she yelled. "Let me grab some stuff and i'll be round in a few minutes." she panted before hanging up.


I waited by the door for her to arrive and when I saw her shadow in the door I jumped up and swung the door open. Wen went upstairs and she showed me what she was planning on wearing. I loved it! Purple skinny jeans, a white top with Niall Horan written across it and black UGG boots. Simple but adorable. I proceeded to open my wardrobe and dig through until I found the perfect outfit. Black leggings, black wedges and a floral top. Sweet" Vicky and I started to get ready, do our hair and makeup. Troy and Joe just threw some jeans and a top on with trainers. Dad honked the car horn. We grabbed our bags and drove to the arena. When we got there we climbed out of the car and headed to the doors where they checked our tickets. We carried on through and then we saw it. The stage, huge and lit up, it looked amazing! We worked our way through the crowds until we found where we were supposed to be, three rows back from the front, center to the stage. We couldn't wait for the concert to start and when it did the first thing that I did was scream. 


Halfway through the concert the boys had a break and on came some musical guests including Olly Murs and Little Mix. Me and Vicky left the boys there while we went to the toilets. We washed our hands and topped up our makeup, not that we needed to because no one was going to notice us, especially One Direction. We opened the door and headed out and there was Niall and Harry. Right there in front of us. I wasn't sure what was going on and couldn't even open my mouth to speak. I must have looked like a proper idiot! I shook Niall's hand and gave him a hug then I moved to shake Harry's hand and he just pulled me in for a hug instead. Vicky was as cool as ice around them and I was just a flustered mess. Typical me!


"Do you guys want to come backstage and chill with us while the others are on stage playing?" Harry spoke at last. 

"W-we have to go back to my brothers." I stuttered. 

"That's ok, you don't need to." Niall smiled. "Paul already brought them backstage."

"Great!" Vicky blurted out. "Let's go then!"


We followed the boys backstage, Harry had my hand and Niall had Vicky's. This was like a dream, i wondered if someone had knocked us out while we were in the toilets and if this was just a dream... 

We entered a room where the other boys and my brothers were sat. 

"Oh my God Rhiannan where have you been, we got kidnapped by One Direction?!" Joe said shakingly.

"Joe, get a grip, you have not and never will get kidnapped by anyone, never mind One Direction. And if you were to get kidnapped they would soon send you back." I said. 


We all sat down and I felt awfully close to Harry. 


"Do you want a drink guys?" I said to my brothers.

"What you got?" Troy spoke up. 

"I don't know, what do you guys have in here?" I asked Harry.

"I'll get them, we have practically anything they want." Paul said. 


Damn! I so wanted to move so i could sit back down a little less close to Harry. 


"Are you guys doing anything on the 14th?" Niall asked. 

"Nope, we most certainly are not, are we Rhiannan?" Vicky piped up immediately. 

I shot her a look as if to ask her what she was playing at.

"Well, we're not are we?" she replied to that.

"I guess we are not." I replied hesitantly. "Why do you want to know anyway?"

Harry took my hand and looked at me and said "Niall and I were wondering if you and Vicky would like to come out with us and have dinner, then go back to the hotel bar for a while."

"We'd love to!" Vicky piped up yet again.

"I don't know, I don't think my Dad would be too pleased going back to the hotel bar." I hesitated, i felt childish saying I had to have my Dad's permission to go on a date.

"How about I talk to your Dad and promise to get you home safely?" Harry suggested. 

Troy and Joe stood up in synchronization and Troy said "Let's ask him after the concert shall we?" 

"That's a great idea, only if you want to come out with me?" Harry said stroking my face with his thumb.

I looked at Vicky and she eagerly nodded her head.

"Okay then, just as long as we aren't going to get mobbed by paps and fans."

"Great!" both boys said at the same time.


They group had to go back on stage but we were allowed to wait backstage until the concert had finished. Once finished we could hear the whole arena carry the echos of thousands of clapping hands and girls' screams. Ten minutes later and the boys came back, we all stood up as if the Queen was about to enter the room. Harry came over to me and pulled me closer, I felt as though i was been lifted, my whole body moved in an upwards direction. We all headed out the back doors leading to an alleyway where i had told my Dad to meet us instead of the front door. He was there. He looked absolutely stunned that we were with One Direction.


"Did you have a good time while we were out of you hair?" I laughed.

"Yeah, I went to Argos round the corner. Your Mum told me to pick up a locket seeing as the dog chewed your other one." He said still looking stunned. 

"Hello Sir" Harry went up to him to shake his hand. "It's nice to meet you."

My Dad shook his hand. "You're... Harry, right?" He asked but looked at me for the answer. 

"Yes, Dad! Please don't say anything embarrassing." I answered. 

"So you're the one my Daughter has a shrine to?" He laughed. 

Harry looked at me and laughed. I just put my hands to my head while everyone laughed. 

"She doesn't really, don't worry." He reassured everyone.

"Harry has something to ask anyway." said Vicky.

"Yes, yes I do." he replied assertively. "I would like to ask you, sir, if it would be acceptable to take your Daughter out on a date, just for dinner, along with Niall and Vicky," and looked in there direction to point out who Niall was. "and if you say yes what time you would like her back home?" 

My Dad was absolutely speechless. 

"Say something Dad." I said worried.

"I like you!" He said to Harry, "You are very polite and if it means Rhiannan will be in safe hands then it is fine with me, and as for you Niall, keep an eye on them." He laughed and winked. 

"Are you serious?!" I swung my arms around him.

"Yes. I am serious. Don't worry about being in at a certain time, if it is alright with Vicky's parents I will pay for you two to stay at the nearest hotel so you don't have to creep in at 2 o'clock in the morning."

Now it was my turn to be speechless. "Thanks Dad, you're the best!" 


Well, we had to head home after that little moment. My brothers climbed in the car, my Dad followed and turned on the engine. I had to go but at the same time didn't want to leave. Niall and Vicky were holding hands and he gave her a cheeky snog. That was so not what I wanted to see! Harry pulled me into his body once again and kissed me on the forehead. He handed me his number and said to me "Text me when you get home so I know you're back." I was just so shocked all I replied with was the word "Okay", what else was I supposed to say. I walked to the car with Vicky and turned back to see if they were still there. I bit my lip and got in the car, we drove off and when we finally got home I rushed upstairs to text Harry. 


"Hey, i'm home!" I wrote.

"Hey, good. I'm back at the hotel." He replied.

"Did you get there okay?" I said.

"Yeah, I did. Me and Niall will come to yours on Valentine's Day at about 3 pm if that's okay?" 

"Yes, that will be just fine. I'll text you my address tomorrow. I need to go to bed now anyway, I wish I could talk to you all night!" I said, i'm just getting eager now.

"Okay, that's fine. Sweet dreams beautiful." 


That night I went to bed, closed my eyes with the thought of us all being together on Valentine's Day. I was so happy at that moment in time. This is crazy! 

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