Forever Young.... And alone on 14th of February

Heya people! It's me, Sara. I guess all I've got for Valentines day is this notebook. And whoever's reading it of course...

Sara's an average year 7. She LOVES One Direction and she's forever alone on valentines day. All she has is her notebook. And of course, whoever's reading it. When she writes on it "Read if you want a Valentine! From Sara, Big time Directioner xox" and purposely leaves it on the bus, a very big name happens to find it. All it took, was that one chance. And luckily for Sara, that name, can make big things happen


1. Forever Young and alone.

Tuesday 12th February 2013

Heya! It's Sara. I had to get a new notebook since I left the notebook on the bus with my name and number so I'd be someones Valentine. Like a nice guy from my school would actually pick up the book and call me. And besides, Valentines day is in 2 days and I left the book on the bus on the 5th. Someone would've texed by now.  I hate being alone on Valentines. I bet Hazza, Leeyum, Boo Bear, DJ Malik and Nialler aren't alone. They all have millions of girls screaming fo them. But of course they'd never meet me... The chances are one in a million. Ooh my phones going off! 'Add this as a contact on the iPod you mentioned you had and use FaceTime. Your life is about to change.' I'm kinda scared now but maybe I should do it. I mean, what's the worst that could happen...

Wednesday 13th February 2013

... I have a lot to explain. I ended up FaceTiming that contact and it was a manager of a certain boyband I'm obsessed with. I KNOW!!! He saw how much I mentioned 1D in the book and my massive list of 1D merchendise and my pics of my room which is plastered in 1D posters and he thought I was the BIGGEST fan of One Direction ANYWHERE... He said that the biggest fan deserves to meet them and he said that he could organize a meeting in 2 days which was on THE 14TH! I'M SPENDING VALENTINES DAY WITH ONE DIRECTION!!!!! I don't know what to wear. Or what to do. I mean it's One Direction. What can you do?

Thursday 14th February

I better write out everything that happened

I rush to the door. It's 9:59. The guys are coming in 1 minute. How is this actually happening to me? I'm meeting my idols. Can't. Breathe. Must. Sit. Down. Suddenly there's a knock. I rush to the door, take a minute to compose myself before I slowly open the door. "Happy Valentines Day!" 5 amazing guys chorus. I can't believe One Direction are at my door. "Let us in quick!" Niall says. "Before we're spotted!" Louis adds. I knew that sense of humour more than anything, even though I'd never actually met them before. I let the boys in. "I can't believe your you!" I said to them. They all jokingly checked each others T-Shirts to see what the labels said. "We have an amazing day for you Sara. But first we should hang around here for a bit," Zayn said. All of us nodded in agreement.  "So what do you want to do?" Liam asked. I stayed sat there for a little while while I came to my desicion. "What do I want to do?" I said. "I just wanna have fun!" For the next 2 hours we played on DSis, we went on kinnect, we watched films and just generally messed around. We even made sausage biscuits for us to eat with carrots served on the sides! "Better not get too full," Harry said. "Yeah, we're taking you to an amazing resturaunt," Niall explained. "Niall, you love food so for you every resturaunt is amazing!" I said. The 6 of us burst out into laughter. After 2 hours at my house, we go to Subway for lunch. The guys are wearing hoodies, wigs and sunglasses so they're not recognised. After we ate our lunch all of us went out on a walk through the local park. We all went on boat rides and had boat wars. We crashed into each other and me and Niall became King and Queen of the lake! All that meant was we didn't surrender. After the park we spent the afternoon at the bowling centre. I WON THE GAME!!! At around 5, we took a party bus up to Nandos! All of us loved this resturaunt, especially Niall. "We have a private seating plan arranged," Louis told the waitress. There was like a VIP area and everything!  The guys sang 'Kiss You' too me and songs like' Love is easy' And when I joined in they said they liked my voice! Guess who's doing a bonus track on a famous boyband's album!?!? I can't believe that me leaving my notebook on the bus lead to a Valentines day with One Direction AND a chance to sing on their album. Best. Day. EVER


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