Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


34. what cool kids do dance

i walked In and all the boys were shouting fro up stairs I laughed, put my keys down, took my coat off and walked up stairs with Bentley till in my arms. The boys were in Louis' favourite game room, the one that had the wii in it, they were playing just dance and I had to laugh and Louis trying to beat Zayn


"Zayn cool kids don't dance" I laughed repeating his words from the xfactor

"oh they do now" he replied still trying to beat Louis, they were doing girls just wanna have fun, and they were both singing along while the other boys laughed and took pictures and videos, by the looks of it Zayn would win, I was right, the game was over and Zayn had got 4 stars while Louis had 3 and a half

"next time my friend ill win" Louis laughed

"yeah yeah" Zayn replied

"ok me and Liam next" Niall shouted getting all excited

"yeah ok then me and Leah" Harry smirked

"who said I was playing, im looking after Bentley" I said

"oh don't leave me with out a partner" Harry said trying to sound sad

"awk fine" I complained throwing my head back

Niall and Liam took the controllers and went head to head in the song teenage dream, Niall was just throwing his arms around like a headless chicken while Liam tried not to laugh at him, none of them were really getting any points and by the time the game had ended Liam had 2 stars while Niall had 3,

"wow Niall throwing your hands about does work" I teased Niall

"you know it" he laughed

"ok Leah grab the controller" Harry demanded

"only if I can pick the song" I said refusing to let him pick the song

"how about we do shuffle?" he asked, and I decided that would be my best offer, so I accepted , I handed Bentley over to Louis and took the controller to dance

Harry hit the shuffle button, and the song, eye of the tiger came on, I couldn't help but to laugh, I couldn't do it properly,i was laughing too much and Harry ended up winning with a total of 4 stars while I had 2, I lost big time

"you cheat" I said sitting next to Louis

"im just a good dancer" he replied winking

I shook my head and rolled my eyes, I took Bentley back of Louis "im putting him to bed" I told the boys

"can I?" Niall asked while the other boys were about to

"am ok" I replied "but make sure to wrap him up" and with that Niall had Bentley and was already walking out, the rest of the boys continued to play the game, while I refused to dance again

"Louis are wedding is in 2 weeks" I smiled suddenly getting very excited

"oh I know" he winked "you picked a church right, and a priest?" he asked me sounding concerned

I laughed "of course I have, I told you the rehearsal is next Friday" I said

"oh yeah so thas five days" he suddenly looked very excited, Niall began to walk back in

"oh Niall I wouldn't come in here" Liam said

"why" Niall asked sounding confused

"they are wedding talking again" Liam said throwing his head back and laughing

"oh" Niall said walking in while the rest of the boys wolf whistled

"oh shush" I shushed them laughing a bit

"im hungary" Niall complained

"im making chicken curry for dinner" you guys want any" I asked them

"yes" they all said at once and I walked down stairs to make dinner

when I was about to put it out, there was a knock on the door, I wiped my hands and opened it,it was Shannon

"oh hey" I smiled

"hi is Niall here?" she asked

"yes, but do you not know where his house is?" I asked while laughing

"I do, but he is mostly here" she laughed back

"come in, are you hungry?" I asked while she walked in

"no I just ate" she said

"oh well im making the boys chicken curry" I told her as she walked in

"ill help" she offered walking into the kitchen

"thanks but im just about to put it out" I told her

"oh" she laughed and then I called the boys down, Louis came down first then Niall then Liam then Harry then Zayn and when Niall seen Shannon he went red

"when did you get here?" he asked smiling at her

"just there" she replied smiling back at him

I wasn't hungry so me and Shannon went into the living room and talked about the wedding and Bentley and Louis and Niall, it was great having a girl to talk to, although nothing could beat talking to my boys, they understood more, the boys came walking in 10 minutes later, Louis sat beside me Niall beside Shannon and the other boys sat beside each other, I still needed to meet Zayn and Liam's girlfriends but they were always so busy, they would be at the wedding thou and the rehearsal, so we were all going to meet up next Saturday, me Perri Danielle and Shannon was coming too, I wish Harry wasn't lonely he needs someone

"can we play truth or dare" Louis asked resting his hand on mine

"yes" all the boys said while me and Shannon looked at each other nervous

"am ok" we agreed


hey guys im going to pick the winner of the competition today right now actually and tell the winners, so Harry can meet his girlfriend in the truth or dare chapter :) sorry for those of you that don't win, I can maybe get a few more of you in some where eles

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