Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


20. Welcome home

i waited in the cold,dark and empty reception with Bentley, other than the receptionist we were the only people here.I held Bentley in his car seat and  i looked down at his sleeping face and felt pure joy, me and Louis are taking him home, we will be a proper family. I sat and was ina day dream about the whole thing. Would me and Louis be the same wth Bentley here? Would the boys like him? oh of course they would, is Bentley's room ready for him to sleep in? all these questions and about 20 more went flying around inside my head.

Louis snappd me out of my day dream by lifting Bentley in his car seat out of my hand."you ready to go princess?" Louis asked me and i couldnt help but smile, me and Louis were going to be fine "yes" i said as i grabbed Louis' hand and we walked to the car, Louis holding my hand and Bentley's car seat. We got to the car and i got into the passenger side while Louis strapped Bentley into he back and then climed into the front with me. He held my hand the whole car ride, and we stopped at a red light, "your staring" i said while smiling

"sorry i cant help it" he replied while looking into my eyes, and i looked down while i blushed "the way you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell you dont know,oh oh you dont know your beautiful" Louis sang in his amazing voice while looking at me causing me to blush more. Louis started the car again and we sat in a confortable silence the rest of the way home

When Louis pulled up to the frnt of our house he asked me "are you ready to take our child inside" and my heart fluttered i love the way he said that, our child, and i knew he loved saying it as well by the way he smiled "yes" i replied and he took my hand and walked me and Bentley into Bentley's room, we lay Bentley in his bed and both kissed his soft pink cheeks

"i love you" i spluttered out to Louis, not really meaning to say it out loud

"i love you too" he smiled and i had to kiss him, i took his hand and bought him into our room before i wrappd my arms around his head and tasting his lip, his toungue made it's way into my mouth and when i went to take his shirt off he grabbed my wrist and pinned me down on the bed,"we cant, you've just had a baby" he said while letting my hands go but i took his top off anyway it's been to long and i needed him, he let me do it and didnt refuse, and the he started to undress me, we were both naked and he went inside me, oh how i missed having him this way

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hey guys just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who reads this and likes it and favourites it i love you guys

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