Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


21. waking up

i was a woken by Bentley screaming,  looked around the room it was pitch black and i found the alarm clock and it read 3.45. oh really i looked at Louis just as his eyes opened, he must have seen how tired i was as he said "ill get him" as he smiled, Louis was still naked and had to put hs grey and white stripped jammy trousers before he went to Bentley. We werent breast feeding him as he wouldnt take it, so we just had special formula

*Louis' POV*

i walked into Bentleys room and seen his tiny head shake because he was crying so much,poor little thing, i went over to his cought and lifted him up,his crying got lighter and he opened his eyes, i was so proud and happy that me and Leah had this amazing baby boy to call ours, i kissed his forehead and walked into the kitchen with him still in my arms, he was so light and warm, i went to the cuboard and got out his formula and added water, then put it in the microwave, after the microwave i felt the milk to make sure it wasnt to hot, i walked up the staires with him and feed him the milk before i lay him back to bed where he feel asleep.

I went back into Leah and she was sleeping again, i kissed her forehead and went back to sleep.

*Leah's POV*

i woke up again and it was 10 o'clock Bentley was still sleeping, if he slept like this all the time that would be great, i woke Louis up by kissing his head and laughing when he turned, "good morning" i smiled

"morning babe" he said reaching up to kiss me "i need to go out with the boys today" he said looking excited for some reason

"ok" i said dissappointed causing him to laugh

"ill be back soon" he said kissing me again, before he went to get changed and then he left

*Louis's POV*

i was so excited i have been waiting for this day from i met Leah, i drove to Harry's house were all the boys were waiting for me, they all got in looking like kids on christmas day "i cant wait, im so excited for you" Harry said with a huge smile on his face

"me too" the rest of the boys chimmed together, i drove to the jewellery shop and all the boys followed me in

"Hello sir's" the man behind the counter said putting on a fake smile

"Hello, im looking for an engagment ring" i said, the man showed me a few while the boys pointed at shouted things all around the shop and i couldnt help but laugh, i ended up joining in and shouting " i love toast" everywhere causing us to get chucked out, but not before i bought the perfect ring. We all went back to my car ad i dropped the boys home

i walked in side to see Leah sitting wit Bentley in her arms "hey babe we should have a party tonight, so everyone can meet him" i said sounding egar

"yeah ok" she said soounding egar, "ill call everyone and tell them to be here at 7" i asked and stated

"ok" she smiled "oh yeah wil you ring my friend Shannon, i havnt spoken to her from i left"  she said sounding hopeful

"ok" i stated as i walked away to call everyone

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