Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


30. wake up call

I was woken up by five imature boys jumping around on the bed, and then Louis thought it would be a good idea to lie on top of me "ow" i scream laughed and all the boys burst into fits of laughter "what are you doing" i asked them all

"oh we saw the picture you tweeted of us and this is pay back, although Bentley did look cute we were druling" Liam laughed

"hmph" i signed "and Louis what are you doing" i asked him since he helped me tweet the picture

"oh i just thought it would be fun" he laughed kissing my lips and then getting off of me

"oh well at least it was fun for you lot" i said and Bentley started to cry so i went to get up and attend to him, when Niall ran a head

"its ok i got him" Niall shouted before running into the room with Bentley in his arms, smiling widely

"i thought we agreed i could get him in the morning" Harry asked clearly annoyed that Niall got him, i smiled, it was cute how much these boys loved Bentley, they loved him like he was their own

"yeah i know but i got him" Niall said flashing a grin and walking down stairs

"oh no you dont i'm feeding him" Zayn said running after Niall

"no your not Zayn i am" Harry said running down after the both of them

"im the most mature" Liam stated, so all boys were fighting over who was feeding him again

"i better go get them all" i said getting up from bed

"ill come too" Louis said taking my hand

we walked down stairs and i burst out laughing at what i saw, Bentley was in his high chair covered in food, Zayn and Harry were wrestling on the floor both trying to hit each other with Bentley's baby spoons, also covered in baby food them selves, Niall and Liam were both at the other side of the kitchen hitting each other with baby bottles

"ok guys, i'll feed him" i shouted getting another spoon and feeding Bentley with the food in his high chair. Louis took a picture of all the boys, and they all started shouting " your not tweeting that are you?" Louis laughed "already have" he replied showing the boys his phone where he tweeted the pict saying 'the boys fighting over who was feeding Bentley<3' they all sighed and walked away when they noticed i was doing it

Louis came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my back, he kissed my neck and ear and then turned me around to kiss his lips i dropped Bentley's spoon and wrapped my arms around Louis' neck and kissed him back, just then the boys came walking back in, to see if Bentey had been feed yet so they could play with him

"see that's why your not aloud to feed him" Harry teased

"oh shh" i said shhing Harry

"yeah Harry your just jealous" Liam teased again

"totally" Harry said lifting Bentley and walking into the living room to play with him and the other boys, while me and Louis cleaned their mess in the kitchen

*Authors note*

Heys guys, so i asked about a sequel and a lot of you wanted it, so i will do one but i dont know weither to do a Niall or Zayn fan fic next you decide and would you want the sequel or other fan fic first so i know which one to start when this is finished, or should i do the sequel and the next book at the same time you decide everything

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