Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


35. truth or dare

we all sat on a circle on the living room floor

"ok Harry truth or dare" Louis asked

"dare" Harry replied and a huge grin spread across Louis' face

"ok i dare you to, run to a randomers house and ask to use the toliet when you go into the bathroom walk out naked and walk back round here" Louis laughed, it was a funny dare i have to admit

"but its snowing and the ground is covered in snow" Harry complained

"a dares a dare" Louis smirked and Harry got up to go do his dare

"ok Louis truth or dare" Niall asked him while Harry was away doing his dare

"dare" Louis answered smiling

"ok i dare you to go run about in the snow for 10 minutes in just you boxers" Niall said with a wicket grin

"ok fine" Louis pouted while he started to undress, when he was done he walked out and the others laughed at him, i felt bad thou i wanted to go protect him, then Harry came back round and seen Louis rolling in the snow and he began to laugh while he ran back into the house with his clothes in his hand, he got dressed in the hall before he came back in

i couldnt stand watching Louis freeze to death so i ran out to his rescue with a blanket, and wrapped it around the both of us, while the others wolf whistled and awwed a few times

before i knew it every one was out side playing in the snow and Niall and Shannon were fighting and rolling each other in it. Me and Louis were under a blanket and rolled about in the snow with the blanket around us, and i kissed him while we were rolling and before i knew it we were on the bare snow with no blanket and they boys had stopped their fights

"i hope you two never wonder why you had a baby" Harry teased

me and Louis broke apart and got back up,

"ok its freezing im putting my clothes back on" Louis said grabbing my hand and running into the house with me. "you saved me" he laughed

"your welcome" i smirked while he kissed me and went to put his clothes back on, the rest of the boys and Shannon came running in,

"its midnight, im cold and tired, can we stay here?" Niall asked smiling

"of course Niall you dont have to ask" i smiled back

"can i stay too i dont like drving in the dark" Shannon asked

"yeah sure but there are only 4 spare beds" Louis said

"thats ok ill stay with Niall, if thats ok with him" Shannon winked

"thats ok" Niall said blushing

"no more babies" Liam said laughing

"ok" Niall said pulling Shannon up the stairs with him, with the rest of the boys following, i decided to go to bed aswell "Louis im tired" i complained taking his hand

"same, lets go to bed too" he smiled walking me up the stairs with him and into our bed where we feel asleep

*Niall's POV*

i walked Shannon up stairs and went into my room, we all shared one room but it was spilt into four different rooms, Shannon got undressed into just her underwear and i didnt the same, she looked to amazing, she was so perfect looking and her tiny figer just turned me on

"we dont have to sleep" she winked and i blushed

"what eles do you have in mind" i asked her smiling

she just grabbed my neck and kissed me, i sucked her neck and small moans left her mouth

"remember no babies" Liam shouted in and i rolled my eyes kissing Shannon's lips again, we rolled onto the bed and i was inside her for the first time, she moaned and i covered her mouth with my finger smiling, and then 20 minutes later we feel asleep with her in my arms and my chin resting on her head

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