Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


12. this cant be

the boys went home so me and Louis could talk about me being pregnant

"Leah, i think you should go to a doctor to make sure its ok" Louis said sounding really concered

"amm yeah, your right, could you make an appointment" i asked him also concered about the little bundle of joy inside me

"yeah sure is tommorow ok" Louis asked again sounding proud

"Louis we cant get an appointment that early" i said as if i was talking to a 5 year old

"i can" he replied with a huge grin and then he walked away to make an appointment

i went to bed as it was late and my legs were sore, but i was too excited to sleep. When Louis came up staires and got into bed i kept my head down and eyes closed so it would look like i as asleep, its not that i didnt want to talk to him i always did, hearing the sound of his voice was enough to make me feel safe, but i really was tired and i hoped i could fall asleep, but my acting must not have been that good as he kissed my forehead and said

"Leah the appointments at 9.30, good night" before he kissed my head again, and i couldnt just let him go to sleep without his kiss, so i bent over and pecked his lips teasing him before i lay my head down and went to sleep.

i woke up at 8.30 and Louis was still sleeping, ill let him sleep until 8.45 i thought as i looked at his peaceful sleeping face and walked over to the drawer to grab my clothes and get ready. i picket out black leggins and a red top with white shoes, after i had put my top and leggins on i felt an arm grab my waiste and pull me back to bed

"oh so your up" i teased and he just smild while he kissed me

"get up and get ready or we'll be late" i said sounding strict and he did as i asked

at 9.15 we were ready to go so we left for the hospital

"Leah for doctor carter" the lady behind the desk yelled and me and Louis walk over to te doctors office, while Louis kissed my hand

"good morning" doctor carter said "i will just check the babies heart beat and what stage in your pregnancy your on, so please ly down on the bed" he said pointin t a bed, Loui walked over with me and held my hand, the doctor put jelly stuff on my belly and used a machine to see the baby

"ok Leah you are 2 months pregnant" the doctor said and my heart fell, i aso seen Louis' face fall, he knew the date didnt add up, but i knew who the dad was an it broke my heart.

"no thats not possible" Louis said sounding unsure

"this baby might be older than 2 months" the doctor replied

"thank you" i said grabbing Louis' hand and pulling him out to the office with me

"ok Leah i know this baby isnt mine so who's is it"

"Louis i know who the dad is, its my dad" i answered in tears now

"What, how" he said sounding concered

"well you remember that first day we met, in the park" i asked and he nodded

"how could i forget, the first day i felt love"

"well i didnt want to go home and i was so scared because my dad had just raped me, thats why i ran" i said sobbing into Louis' shirt as he tired to sooth me


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