Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


33. The will

There was a knock on the door at 7.00 in the morning, i groaned, put my dressing gown and slippers on and walked down stairs. there was a funny looking bussiness man there with a round bald spot on the top of his head and short grey hair, he was wearing really small circular glasses and had a breif case.

"may i help you?" i asked with a confused voice

"im looking for Leah Morris" he said looking into the house

"well you found her" i replied, he looked at me shocked, as if he didnt expect me to look like this

"may i come in?" he asked while rolling his eyes

"oh am yeah come in" i said gesturing for him to come in, he walked in and stood in the hall, i closed the door and walked into the living room with him following me

"so why are you here?" i asked him, just as Louis came down the stairs

"who was at the door babe?" he asked coming in and seeing the man sitting on the sofa, Louis was shirtless and went red

"ill be back in a minute" he said walking back up stairs to put clothes on i was guessing

"ok" i replied as he walked away " yeah so why are you here?" i asked again, just as Bentley started to cry, i went to get up when Louis called "ill get him" so i sat back down

"yes well i'll not make you asked again, i am here because of your father's will" he said smiling and my heart sank, of course this was about my father, i didnt want anything to do with him

"well i dont want anything to do with my father" i almost yelled

"well im sorry but i have to leave it here" he said going into his breif case "yes and do Louis and Bentley Tomlinson live here too" he asked and i nodded, what could my father want from them? i never went to his funneral, none of us did, we were glad he was gone after the police killed him for trying to hurt my baby, and now he was going to hurt him from the grave, no i wouldnt allow it, Bentley wouldnt own anything that was his

he pulled 3 letters out of his breif case and a picture, the first picture me and him had together when i was first born, he looked at me like he loved me, a look i couldnt even remember him giving me

"well if thats all you may leave" i said while silent tears streamed down my face, the man nodded and left while i ran up stairs to Louis

"what was that about?" he asked me while he changed Bentley

"my fathers will" i replied and his face went cold

"what did he leave you?" he asked

"well he left all of us something" i said looking at the picture and letters in my hand

Louis looked at them and took them out of my hand, "do you want to read them?" he asked

"im not sure" i replied looking at Bentley

"well read them together" he said lifting Bentley off the changing table, taking my hand and walking down stairs to sit on the sofa

we lifted Bentley's up first to read and it said

                      to my dearest and only grandson, you should never have been here, you shouldnt be here

                       i will try everything to make sure you dont stay here...

i couldnt read any more i started to cry, he left a death threat to my baby, we lifted Louis' next and it said

                            To Louis who is with my daughter, you shoudnt be with her

                             she doesnt deserve happeniss and love, and i hope one

                             day you will see that and leave her and that stupid baby of

                              yours alone, she'll have no one and will come back to me

                              i love it when i hurt her..

Louis now had tears in his eyes, "im sorry i wasnt always there to protect you, but i will be there from now on" he said looking into my eyes

"i no" i replied lifting my own letter and went to read it, but i changed my mind, i didnt want to read any more things that reminded me of my father or any more things that he had wrote, couldnt, i lifted all the letters and the picture, went over to the bin with a lighter and burnt them all, i then left Louis with Bentley in the living room so that i could change, i put on a creme jumped, ruby leggins, creme/ brown boots and a brown jacket, and then i walked down stairs

"im taking Shannon bride's maid shopping today, for her dress" i told him

"ok i was going to hang out with the boys, so would you mind taking Bentey with you" he asked

"am no,but i need to go now" i told him grabbing the keys, and lifting Bentley, then i kissed Louis' cheek and said " goodbye" while i waved and walked out

i pulled up to Shannon's house and beeped the horn, she came running out and jumped into the car, when she saw Bentley she kissed his forehead "yay you bought Bentlye" she rejoiced

"well yeah Louis wanted to hang with the boys and he had him last time we went out too" i told her

"yeah ok, so where we going?" she asked

"to take you shopping for your dress" i told her smiling, and she smiled hugely

"yay" she said again, we pulled up to a shop and took Bentley out of his car seat and into his pram, we walked into the shop and it smelt like posh perfume, a women who worked there asked "can i help you with anything" while smiling

"we are looking for a bride's maid dress for my friend here" i told her pointing at Shannon

she bought over a beautiful red dimond dress and told Shannon to go try it on, 5 minutes later she walked out, she looked beutiful, her brown her looked darker with the dress and her lips looked fuller and redder , when she saw my face she twirled "you like it" she asked, i nodded and she smiled, she went back into the changing rooms and came back out with the dress now in her hands

i went up to the cashier and paid, we buckled Bentley back into the car seat and drove back home, i kept the dress so i could put it with my dress until the day of the wedding, i dropped Shannon home "ill probaly be over at yours later Niall text me" she smiled and blushed, i smiled back and drove away nodding, her and Bentley were so cute

i took Bentley out of the car and walked back into my house


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