Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


39. The wedding

Louis stayed at Liam's last night with the rest of the boys, so we didnt see each other until the wedding, Perri and Danielle and Shannon were helping me get ready while Demi was dealing with Bentley, we have all become so close lately, we are like the girl version of one direction and would do anything for each other.

i was now standing in my white dress with my messy bun, while Perri, Danielle, Demi and Shannon were all wearing thered brides maid dresses i had picked, i had decided to make them all brides maids after getting to know and like them all, Bentley was looking so handsome in his tiny tuxedo in a white pram with dimonds specialy made for the wedding

I was running late and had to leave straight away, i was so nervous about falling, or not going at the right time or being late or even Louis changing his mind, because he could do that and he just might. We all left and got into the white limo Louis had sent for us, we arrived at the church, Shannon was going to walk Bentley down the aisle in his pram while Danielle and Perri held my dress and Demi threw the flowers.

I walked down the aisle with Niall and Harry and i really just wanted to run down it, seeing Louis at the end, he looked so handsome in a nvy tux with a white shirt and pink and white stripped tie. All the boys were wearing the same but Louis looked better in it. I reached the end and Louis took my hand while smiling at me, we said the normal vows and then went to the wedding resception as Mr and Mrs Tomlinson wiht our beautiful son Bentley Tomlinson

we all danced and laughed, we ate and did everything you do at a wedding it was the most amazing day of my life and i never wanted to be apart from Louis

Shannon and Niall went off for ten minutes and then came back, they wanted to tell everyone something

"ok guys im pregnant" Shannon said smiling like crazy

"what?" Liam said "i told you guys that night no babies"

"well we didnt listen" Niall replied smiling like crazy too

"i can see that" Liam replied

everyone congradulated them and then the wedding was over and we all went home


hey guys so this is the last chapter i will write the sequel now its going to be called happy ending so look out for it, and i will also write the Niall Horan fanfic which is going to be called that should be me so look out for that too :)


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