Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


37. texting her

*Harry's POV*

i couldnt get this girl off my mind, the rest of the gang were in the living room playing with Bentley and talking about the wedding and about the night out they were having in three days, i wanted my girlfriend to be there with the rest of them, all og us having a girlfriend and all of the getting along, i was in the kitchen on my phone not knowing weather to text Demi or not, ive been sitting here looking at her name saved on my phone which i changed to Demi<3, i decided i would text her, would it seem to needy its only been 2o minutes since i seen her and she's probaly at school like she said she was late for it, but i still did it

To Demi<3

hey <3

i waited and 40 seconds later she text back

From Demi<3

wow i must be luck its only been 20 minutes :)

To Demi<3

Yeah your are lucky :)

i text that with a smile on my face, i really did like this girl, and i couldnt put my finger on what it was that drew me in, loads of girls throw themselfs at me but i always turn them down, i dont think i'd ever turn this one down, she was special, she had that one thing and i couldnt get her out of my head i wanted her here i found myself wanting more of her, i wanted her to want me.

From Demi<3

how so?;)

To Demi<3

i want to meet up ;)

i felt nervous what if she turned me down

From Demi<3

when? ;)

To Demi<3

is tonight ok ? <3

what if she said know i wanted to get to know her i wanted her to know me, she was about my age so that was good

From Demi<3

sure pick me up at 7.00 41 The Folly <3

To Demi<3

sure ;)

and the conversation was left like that i got really excited and couldnt wait to go tell the boys and Leah well Shannon to she was becoming a part of us aswell our gang

*Leah's POV*

we were all stuck in a conversation about Friday night when Harry came in from the kitchen with the widest grin ive ever seen on his face and his eyes were all lit up

"whats up mate?" Liam asked him as he sat down

"im going on a date tonight" Harry smiled

"really? when? with who? Zayn asked

"Demi the girl from starbucks" Harry replied still smiling

"what someone stole Harry from me" Louis said trying to sound upset

"well Leah stole you first" he replied pretending to send me a death stare, i gigled and kissed Louis' cheek

"when?" Zayn asked again

"7.00" Harry replied

"well you better go get ready" Niall said playing with Shannon's hair while she sat in his lap

Harry walked up stairs to change into something he had here, its cute Harry finally found someone and wont be alone, if Harry really likes her we could even take her out with us on Friday

"hey Shannon, if this date goes well we should take Demi with us on Friday, Harry seems to really like her" i said looking at Shannon

"yeah that sounds good" she said playing with Niall's fingers

"thats really sweet" Louis said kissing the inside of my neck

"you couples need to get a room" Zayn said

"he's right, but remember no more babies" Liam laughed

"your just annoyed that your girlfriends arnt here" Louis said kissing me again

"well we'll have them here on Thursday" Liam said smiling

"what? i thought they were coming on Friday" i said confused

"no your going out with them on Friday, me and Liam get them on Thursday" Zayn said smiling and winking

"oh i get the picture" i replied unconfortable with this topic

Zayn and Liam laughed while they fist nudged each other.

i lifted Bentley up to go and put him to bed , Harry started walking down the stairs at the same time i did, he was wearing black skinny jeans and a blazer, he looked very handsome

"wow she's a lucky girl" i laughed nudging him

"thanks" he laughed walking down stairs, all the boys teased him and then he left to go on his date

"lets watch a movie" i suggested

"sure" Louis agreed

i went over to the tv and put in just go with it, me and Louis cuddled on the sofa and so did Niall and Shannon, while Liam and Zayn cuddled with each other making fun of us, i feel asleep on the sofa and i dont think i was the only one, i think Louis was out before i was

*Harry's POV*

i drove to the address she had text me and went to the door, i knocked twice and then stepped back, she looked beautiful, her hair was curly and she was wearing a tight black dress

"you look lovely" i told her

"oh thanks" she blushed, i took her hand and walked her to the car, i opened the door for her and waited for her to get in before i closed it for her, she played with my hair in the car and gigled alot, we asked each other loads of questions, we know each others favourite pet, colour, movie, story, i also know she likes sports and she knows everyhting about me, i know her past story and where she wants her future to go

we pulled up to the resturant after 30 minutes in the car, the resturant was small, there wasnt many people here, we got a table at the back and she ordered a steak, i loved a girl who could eat, i also ordered a steak

"wow, i feel silly getting the same thing as you" she said blushing

"oh dont worry, i love a girl who eats" i laughed and she laughed too

"ok" we eat and laughed, this girl was really funny, and i felt like i'd known her my whole life, she was a year younger than me making her 18, then it clicked i think i know who she is, and i have known her most of my life

"Demi, didnt you know my sister Gemma?" i asked her, hoping it was other wise i would feel stupid

"yeah we have been friends from the age of 6 i used to stay at your house every weekend" she laughed, i did remember her how did i only just figer this out, its only been 3 years, but she has changed a lot, i used to like her but then i left for the xfactor and didnt see her since

"i used to have a crush on you" she admitted blushing

"used to?" i asked her raising my eyebrows

"ok well i still" do she laughed

"i always liked you as well" i told her "why dont you and Gemma hang around any more?" i asked her

"oh you know we just grew apart 2 years ago" she answered

"oh" i answered not sure what eles to say

i leanded in and kissed her on the lips, not really sure why i just had to, i felt her smile as she ran her fingers through my hair, and a low moan escaped my mouth, she smiled again

"Demi Richards will you be my girlfriend?" i asked her, she could say no but i hope she wont

"sure" she replied taking my hand and walking back to the car

"some one's in a rush to get home" i laughed at her

"its freezing" she responded pouting, i wrapped my arms around her and whispered in her ear

"hows this" she smiled

"fine" she said sniggling closer to me

we got int he car and i drove her home, i kissed her good night before driving back to Louis' hopefully the rest of the boys were there too, i walked in to the living room where i heard the tv going, they were all sleeping, Louis chin was resting on Leah's head while his arms where around her, Niall had his arms around Shannon and his mouth to her head, Liam and Zayn had there arms wrapped around each other and there legs to, it was like the malteasers advert and i had to take a picture, once i did i went upstairs and got into my jammies and then i decided to go down stairs and sleep with the others, i got in beside Liam and Zayn and feel asleep

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