Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


32. Telling her

i walked back into the living room and Leah was on the sofa playing with Bentley, i decided i would just tell her now and not wait until tomorrow. I looked at her she looked so happy playing with our little baby here, in her house, in our house, but i had to do it, i had to tell her "amm Leah" i said gulping

"yeah" she looked up at me with such adoration, i had to chicken out, i just couldnt tell her and watch that smile fade

"oh am never mind" i said feeling stupid

"oh Louis for goodness sake just tell me" she said sounding annoyed

"we're going on tour next year, and i want you and Bentley to come, Perrie and Danielle are coming and Niall wants to ask Shannon so please come, its after the wedding, it's not until next Febuary" i spluttered out all at once and wasnt sure if she even caugh it all, that smile that was on her face faded and she blinked, but then she shocked me

"Louis i'd love to go with you" she said wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me, i kissed her back and then remembered i needed to tell her something elesn too if she was coming with me.

"there's more" i said looking down with a frown on my face

"what is it" she asked letting go on my neck, i wanted her hands to be back there, to feel the warmth of her body and part of her body on me was amazing

"well when you come with me the paps will be more in our face's and Bentley's" i told her thinking she would change her mind but hoping she wouldnt, hoping for the best but expecting the worst

"i dont mind Louis, i still want to be with you" she said still smiling at me "but right now i have to put Bentley to sleep" she said getting up with Bentley in her arms

"hurry up" i winked at her and she smiled and blushed while walking up the stairs, i love making her blush and i was going to tell her that, i loved the scarlet colour her cheeks would go and how she would look down to cover it up. she came back down and sat in my lap kissing the front my neck

"i love you" she said kissing me again

"i love you too" i replied holding her to me, so she couldnt get up, it reminded me of lunch time the other day, and i couldnt help but smile, she smiled back and went to get up, i pulled her back down

"and where do you think your going" i asked her while rolling over so i was on top of her

"oh you know, places" she smiled and when i went to reply she grabbed my neck and smashed her lips to mine, i moved my lips to her neck and sucked it until the blood showed, a hicky, a small moan escaped her mouth and i loved it, she was perfect, just as we went to go further the door knocked.

i groaned and got up to answer it, but the boys already walked inside "sorry but we didnt say goodnight to Bentley" Liam said and i smiled these boys where amazing and would do anything for Leah and Bentley

"what about me?" Leah asked as she same out with a smile on her face, Liam looked at her with the strangest look on his face and then he walked over to her

"now Leah is this a hicky or a bruise" he asked, trying to sound serious like a proper dad but ended up laughing

"never you mind" she smiled back

"oh that wasnt there when we left" Zayn said causing Leah to blush again and i couldnt help but to smile. again.

"were we gone that long?" Harry asked with a huge grin on his face

"oh give over" Leah said and i bust out laughing, this girl really was amazing "Bentley's up stairs, he's sleeping but you can still say goodnight" she said to the boys pointing up stairs

"ok but dont do anything while we're gone this time, we are only up stairs" Niall laughed with the rest of the boys, and i had to laugh too

"ok ill try but i mean look at Leah, it's going to be hard" i laughed causing Leah to blush again, i pulled her into me and kissed her forehead, she looked up at me and smiled

the boys walked up stairs to Bentley"

*Leah's POV*

when the boys walked up stairs i remembered something

"oh yeah Louis you should tell them im coming with you on tour" i said pointing up stairs to the boys

"oh yeah ill tell them when they come down" he said kissing me again, only he lifted me up and i was now standing on his shoe's while he kissed me, his tongue entered my mouth and i gladly let it, we fought for domination and like usal he won

and then the boys came down they would tease us forever

"let the teasing begin" i said and Louis laughed kissing my head again

"naw im too tired now i'll do it tomorrow" Zayn said

"yeah and im hungary" Niall said

and they all walked out the door, me and Louis just went to bed as i was tired, i feel asleep in Louis' arms dreaming about the wedding

*authours not*

hey guys i know this was in Louis' POV for most of it but i wanted a change enter the contest

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