Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


6. surprise

Louis opened the door and my heart dropped the boys werent behind the door my father was. My hands got sweaty and i started to shake. I could smell the drink off him from here and i could just see that look in his eyes, it was a look that said im here to cause trouble and i hugged Louis tighter, he put his arm around my solder pullingme closer and he kissed my head. i had never told Louis about my father but i think he had an idea one night when we stayed up late he asked me about my family and i told him my mum died and i had no siblings, when he asked about my father i made him pull me closer so he had an idea about what my father had done. i know knew who this was so his next question surprised me

"who are you and why are you here" he asked as he pulled me closer

"im here for her" my father replied and Louis pulled me behind him with a look in his eyes as if to say never

"well you cant have her, shes mine" Louis replied with a feirce voice that actually sounded really sexy, oh my, my father is here and im stil thinking about how amazing Louis is. i need help i thought. Louis was a real part of my life now, a part that i couldnt live without.

"oh really" my father replied s he barged into Louis' home

i grabbed Louis' hand pulled him into the kitchen where my father followed us, he now had an evil grin on his face, and his yellow teeth were showing. he made me sick to he stomach.

he grabbed me  and through me over to the other end of the kitchen where i smaked my head and couldnt move, i felt paralized. i saw my father walk over to Louis with a knife while Louis tried to race his way over to me and thats when he stabbed Louis in the side, and he fell to the floor beside me.

I heard loud voices from the hall and thought it must be the boys Louis has been talking about. they walked into the kitchen calling Louis' name and when they seen us on the floor and my father with a knife in his hands they told the blonde one to go for help and a curly haired one walked over to Louis cying. i thought Louis was going to die and i couldnt stop crying.

"its ok love" the curly haired one whispered "my name is Harry and we will stop the pain very soon" oh Harry thought i was crying because i was in pain, no i was crying for Louis. Because he couldnt and might never be able to again, he was passed out on the foor bleeding and my father was rushing towards Harry. i tried to shout at him but i couldnt fnd my voice and thats when the blonde one came rushing in wit the police behind him. they ran to my father pulling him away as he yelled "this isnt the last of me young lady" and away they dragged him and thats when i passed out

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