Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


36. starbucks

i woke up and Louis was sleeping peacefully beside me, i kissed his forehead and checked the time, i was really surprised it was 10.30 the longest ive slept from Bentley was born and he wasnt crying, i went in to chevk on him and he wasnt there, then i smelt bacon and firgered that the boys were cooking and had also lifted Bentley from his bed and feed him.

i walked down stairs and seen Harry cooking in the pan, Liam and Zayn trying to feed Bentley together, where were Niall and Shannon? "hey where are Niall and Shannon" i asked walking over to Bentley

"oh they had a long night" Zayn laughed, really Niall and Shannon already? Niall was growing up to fast, he was like another one of my little babies, like my baby brother and he wasnt even the youngest we all just treated him like he was, Louis came down the stairs then and he looked so cute when he was tired.

Harry told us all to sit down at the table while he put the food out, he also did plates for Niall and Shannon when they got up, everyone sat at the table and Harry give us all a full english fry, it smelt amazing, once we all had tucked into our breakfast and were nearly done Niall and Shannon finally walked down the stairs giggling with each other, yes Niall was actually giggling.

"why so happy" Harry asked grinning and all the boys left

"oh you know a good sleep" Niall responded blushing

"oh i dont think you got any sleep" Zayn said and that comment had Shannon blushing too, they both sat down at the table to eat and when everyone was done we sat in the living room

i sat Bentley on the floor and started talking to everyone, then it clicked "omg Louis, Louis look at Bentley" i sang

"whay why whats wrong with him?" Louis asked looking at Bentley

"Louis he is sitting by himself" i sang again

"omg our little babies growing up" Liam said sounding like a proud parent, i smiled

"he sure is" i laughed

"hey how about we go to starbucks to celebrate" Shannon suggested and i was in

"yeah sure why not" i agreed

"yeah well go get changed" Harry said as him and the rest of the boys walked up stairs to get ready because they all had a full wardrobe of clothes here

"i dont have any clothes with me" Shannon said pouting

"its fine you can wear mine" i said pulling her up stairs with me, and Louis following behind us

i give Shannon my army shorts, grey top, black jacked and creme boots,

"here wear these" i told here as she took them from my hand and walked to a bathroom to get changed

i looked through Louis' wardrobe today and picked out the top he told me was his favourite last time i had it on, i wore it with denim shorts and black boots, Louis got changed too and was ready about the same time i was

"you look amazing" he told me hugging me from behind and kissing my neck

"thank you" i said turning tound to kiss his lips

once we were all ready we walked to starbucks, Liam dressed Bentley like a mini verson of him, they were both wearing checked shirts with white jeans

*Harrys' POV*

we walked into starbucks, i wasnt looking were i was going and i was in a day dream, everyone here had some one to love them and they had someone to love, i didnt, of course i loved these guys but it wasnt the same, i ended up walking into a young girl and she went flying on her bum

"Harry" Leah complained, so much for our shades and hats to hide our face and hood to hide my curls , so no one would know it was us, i went over to the young girl and held my hand out to help her up, she was warm and tiny, here eyes were an amazing shade of brown, a brown i havnt seen before, it was like a carmel colour with hints of darker brown, she had light brown hair to match her brown eyes and the bottom was dip dyed blonde, i never like dip dyed i thought it just looked chavy but she made it work, she had smorthy skin and looked like she was from some where hot, she was very skinny and wearing a starbucks uniform she must have been leaving her shift, i was staring at this beautiufl girl for what felt like hours, she waved her hand over my face and i blinked

"oh sorry" i laughed snapping out of my day dream

"no problem" she responded with an amazing Australian, Americian acent, saw here name tag and it said Demi, what a beautiful name

"Harry come on" Niall complained

"you guys go ill catch up" i told them and away they went leaving me and Demi

"hey Demi" i said smiling at her

"how do you know my name" she asked me sounding confused

"your name tag" i said pointing to it

"oh yeah sorry" she laughed

"so whats your name" she asked me

"Harry st.. stevens" i said trailing off at the st, i didnt want her to know i was Harry styles

"i know your Harry styles" she responded, took off my shades and my hat and put down my hood

"how?" i asked sounding confused myself

"the demples" she responded laughing

"are they that noticible?" i asked her laughing

"no i just knew" she laughed

"oh, would it be possible for me to get your number, we could meet up some time?" i asked her sounding hopeful

"am i dunno im really busy at the moment" she said and my heart sank, i really liked her, i believed in love at first sight,

"please?" i asked her showing my dimples again

"ok" she agreed pulling out her phone and swaping with me, i typed my number in and saved it under ~hot and sexy~ she give me my phone back and i give her hers,

"hot and sexy really?" she asked me laughing

"sure why not" i ;aughed

"i really have to go im late for school" she said running away and leaving me there

i walked into starbucks just as the other were coming out

"did you get her number" Louis asked smiling at me

"yepp" i said popping the p and he smiled, he was happy for me

"well i got you a hot chocolate" Leah said handing me my drink

"thanks" i said taking it off her while we walked home, i checked my phone to see what her number was saved under and saw ~out of your league~ i laughed wow this girl was something


hey guys so this chapter was do djzaynmalik for winning the contest that i did early well done and i hope you liked the chapter :)

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