Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


4. shopping

that night we slept in the same bed but didn't do anything more. I woke up to Louis' hard arms around me and I felt safe again I was about to lay my head down and go back to sleep when I heard the most amazing British accent say "morning beautiful" and I smiled which made him smile the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. dam this boy was perfect.

"morning"  I said as I kissed his soft pink cheek

"do you want to go shopping today and get yourself new clothes"

"I would love too but I don't have any money"

"no but I do" he replied and I smiled again. i hadn't smiled in years and this boy had made me do it twice in under a minute he really was perfect

"thanks" i said, i knew there was no point in arguing because he would just buy me new clothes anyway

"i have some clothes over there you can wear for now" he said while he pointed to a small drawer at the corner of the room

"thanks" i said kissing him again but on the lips this time

i walked over and seen Louis staring at my bum so i wiggled a bit and he laughed.

i walked into the bathroom with the red tracky i had picked and put it on, i put my hair in a pony tail and put on white air max's

when i walked into Louis' room he was wearing gino's and  crème jumper, he looked so amazing, i don't think i will ever get used to this boy. i walked over and hugged him and the smell of his aftershave was amazing. "you smell good" i told while i muzzled my noise into his neck "you look good" he replied with a cheeky grin on his face while he kissed my lips

"come on you, lets go shopping" and with that he took me outside while we were hand in hand walking to all the different shops. we went to at least 15 different shops and i had a piece of heaven, it was a chocolate twix pretzel and me and Louis shared it

"you ready to go" he asked me after we had spent £1235 on clothes for me, i didn't want to spend that much but he insisted that everything looked good on me and wouldn't let me say no. i know i only met this boy, but i also know im in love with him

we walked into Louis' house again and it smelt so fimilar to me, it was like home, well it was my home now and i didn't plan on leaving it any time soon.

*sorry this is short and not very good i kinda rushed it because i didn't have enough time and i didn't want to leave you guys hanging so tell me what you think

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