Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


1. running away

its a winter night and im here in the local park after running away from my father because he beat me when my mother died. im a normal girl and I have normal friends, no one knows about the beating as I don't want to be treated differently. I was always too afraid to run away incase he followed me and hurt me more but today was that day, the day I built up the courage to run away and that's how I got to this park.

I listened to the wind screaming and I saw the snow lying like a thick white blanket on the group. The park was cold and the trees looked almost unnatural next to the blackest midnight sky behind them with the moonlight shining on the left side of almost everyone of them. I took everything in, the smell of the air and the lake close by, the taste of moss and mud and I could hear the water streaming down the lake while I watched it flow.

The park looked beautiful and I didn't know weither to be mezmerized or scarred by the park and all the beautiful things it had. I was still shaking from my dad slamming his fist into the door 10 minutes ago trying to get me and even the tiniest sound was making me jump. I checked my watch and saw the time was 12.33 and I started to walk, I walked under all the trees while they stared down at me as I walked, walked away from my bad past and walked toward a good future. I trouted through the trees and then I heard leaves being stood on and a thousand birds must had flew out of their nests, I felt a cold shiver up my spine and tried to hid in the trees and then I saw a man about 5'9 walking towards me, well all I could really see was his black outline.

And then he came closer and I tried to hid further in the trees I tiptoed backwards as slowly as I could trying not to make any noise and that's when I feel over a tree trunk and landed on my back. I was still terrified and my heart stopped when he turned around to look at me, he looked me in the eyes, oh his eyes the most amazing colour of blue I have ever seen and at that moment I knew not to be afraid he walked over to me and I didn't move away.

I got a closer look at the most amazing face and I liked what I saw, he had amazing brown hair that was in a I just woke up short of hairstyle but it looked just right. he came over and looked me in the eye "are you ok" he asked, I couldn't find my voice yet so I just nodded

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