Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


22. party (2)

Louis had called 14 people today to come to the party, close friends and family, but the only family here was Louis' i dont feel that bad about it though because i have met Louis' mum and sisters and they all treat me like their own. After Louis' family there was just the boys, Shannon,Simon and paul. The party was small but we didnt want Bentley's pictures to get printed everyway just yet.

I looked around the room and seen the food Louis had set out and all the drinks he had set out too, i could smell the food, it wasnt overly posh, it was normal really, stuff like small sauge rolls. I felt the steam from the food on my face and had to walk away from it. Louis had his hand around my waiste all night and wouldnt let me go, not that i refused, i loved it when he touched me.

everyone had met Bentley and he was now sleeping peacefully in his bed. I looked around for Shannon and saw her talking to Niall, they looked cute together and i could tell Niall liked her, he had his 'dump struck' face on. I took Louis and walked over to the two of them, "Hello Shannon" i said hugging her

"Omg Leah, you look so good for just having a baby" she said and i laughed, Niall looked a little awkward with us talking as i probally interupted them

"oh my look at the time i have to go" Shannon said pulling me in for another hug, and she wasnt the first that had to go, most of the guest were starting to leave, Louis' mum and sisters started to get their stuff to leave, and then Louis let go of me

"excuse me everyone please wait 1 minute" Louis said and everyone stood still and looked at us both, i began to feel awkward and then Louis pulled out a small black box and i new what was happenin

*Louis' POV*

i was so nervous taking the ring out of my pocket, what if she said no? because she could and she might, oh i just have to get this over with.

"Leah i love you so much,and i want to spend every day with you and Bentley and be a proper family, i promise to love every minute of every day, Will you marry me? i asked as i got down on one knee, i started to feel sick she wasnt answering, and then  a huge smile spread across her face "oh dont be so nervous of course i will" she said bringing her hand down so i could put the ring on hr finger. It was 18 carrot white dimond with a purple dimond in the middle and blue dimonds round the outside and i could tell she loved it.

I got back up and everyone started to congardulate us as they walked out. When everyone left me and Leah walked back u staires and went to bed.

*Leahs POV*

i woke up at 9.30 whic was weird, Bentley hadnt woken me and Louis up in the midddle of the night, i walked into his room and he wasnt there, i started to panick " Louis, Louis, Louis" i screamed and he came running in

"what" he asked sounding concerned

"Bentleys gone" i said grabbing his solders and sopping on his chest, Louis walked over to Bentleys crib and saw and we saw a not it read told you, that Louis and you wouldnt have a baby and at those words my heart sank, my dad had Bentley

*Authors note*

hey guys in the next chapter i will tell you all what happened that nigh she left home :)

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