Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


38. Night out

Perri and Danielle got here last night and from then we havent seen Zayn or Liam or come to think of it them. Harry and Demi have also been getting serious so Demi was coming tonight as well as Harry's girlfriend. I had Bentley in my hands rocking him while Louis made his lunch, Harry and Niall were here too with Demi and Shannon, Harry was playing with Demi's hair and Shannon was playing with Niall's fingers while they sat in the living room.

Louis came over with Bentley's lunch and took him out of my hands to feed him, then we both went and sat with the others,

"has anyone seen Lia, Zayn, Danielle or Perri?" i asked them

"i seen Zayn and Perri" Shannon answered

"where?" i asked stupidly

"am going up stairs" she replied looking down and trying not to laugh

then Liam and Danielle came walking in

"where have you been?" Louis asked

"oh you know" Liam replied blushing

"Liam no more babies" Niall laughed repeating what Liam told him

"awk shush" Liam shushed him while we all laughed

"Demi, Shannon and Danielle we should find Perri and get ready" i suggested and they agreed so we walked up stairs to get ready, Perri and Danielle were staying here for the two weeks they were staying

i knocked on Zayn's door and he opened it buttoning his shirt back up and fixing his hair "yes?" he asked smiling

"is Perri there?" i asked him just as she came to the door

"yeah im just getting ready" she called

"ok" i replied and left to go get myself ready

all the girls went to their boyfriends rooms to get ready, i wore a leather black skirt and a pink top with black writing on it say NERD with black heels, i had my hair down and straight

all the girls were ready and we walked down stairs to say bye to the boys, then we left, we called a taxi so we could drink and not have to drive home

we went to a bar down town and got to know each other more while we drank, these girls were really nice and funny i was really getting along with them, some guy came over and tried to flirt with Demi and she had to push him away, he was wearing a tracksuit and stank of alchohol "please leave me alone" Demi begged while we tried to leave the club but he kept grabbing her and then i notticed Paul in the cornor, i'd only met him once, but i knew who he was, he was the boys body guard and he was Bentley's too and soon he would be mine, when the boys had babies or wives they would also have Paul as a bodyguard, i called him over and he grabbed the guy away letting us leave the club

we left and called a taxi to go home, the boys were all sleeping when we came in at 2 in the morning laughing and joking, i went in and went to bed beside Louis were i feel asleep almost instantly


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