Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


25. Niall's date

all the boys came over because we all wanted to hear about Niall's date.

"well what happened?" i asked smiling

"well, we went out for dinner, and we swapped food, i give her some of my dessert, we talked and got to know each other more and then i asked her out, i know its early but you know" when Niall said it was early me and Louis looked at each other, we knew how he felt, me and Louis were living together the day me met, but didnt go out or kiss for another few days

"and then what" Liam questioned

"and then i walked her home" Niall said smiling

"did she invite you in?" Harry asked with a pervy smirk and then burst out laughing, we all knew what he ment

"yes" Niall said still smiling

"so you did it then?" Zayn asked, air qouting did it

"nopppe" Niall replied popping the p "i went home at 1" he said still smile, very proud of himself

"so when are you going to meet up again?" Louis asked

"im not sure, but she wants to help you plan your wedding Leah, she said you always talked about doing it together, planning it and all that" Niall said looking at me

"oh yeah ill give her a call" i said walking away to get my phone

*Louis POV"

Leah walked away, and this was my chance to tell the boys the surprise i had for her, "hey guys i have a surprise for Leah" i said smiling and blushing a bit.

"what is it?" Liam asked, very interested

"I have a date" i said smiling and getting so excited i nearly ran around the living room like a four year old..

"your cheating on Leah and thats your big surpirse for her" Niall said sounding disappointed and all the other boys laughed including me

"not that kind of date you goof ball, i have a date for the wedding" i said pushing him and still laughing

"oh thats cool when" he asked lightening up again

"June 8th" i said very proud of myself

"but its Febuary 24th" Liam said sounding disappointed you should have told her on valentines day

"does no one remember i asked her to marry me on valentines day, she didnt know that it was valentines day though she just thought i was having a random party" I said it like i was talking to babies

"oh yeah sorry, so whens the date" Liam asked again

"i have planned the wedding for June 8th" i said again

*Leahs POV*

i walked around the cornor and heard Louis say "i have planned the wedding for June 8th" and i nearly jumped with joy June 8th and we would be Mr and Mrs Tomlinson, before i knew what i was doing i flew into Louis' arms and wrapped my arms around his neck kissing his lips "really?" i asked kissing him again before he could reply

"yes" he said smiling and pulling me in for another kiss

"eww you two it got to the point we cant even be in the same room as you guys" Liam said joking while the other boys agreed

"im sure you are like this with your girlfriends, Danielle and Perrie, and Niall you will be like this with Shannon" i said stating the oviouse.

"your right" they all agreed laughing again


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