Leah is an ordinary girl in her last year at high school. her mum died when she was 15 and her dad started to abuse her. when she finally builds up the courage to run away she meets a special boy who saves her .


17. new room

Louis only had one bedroom and 7 gaming rooms and he also had abedroom/gameroom that the boys slept in when they stayed so we decided to tur one of the gaming rooms into a nursery for the baby and we were going to decorate it today. i woke up early and put on sweats, put my hair in a messy bun and put on a par of white toms, when i was done i woke Louisup by kissing his cheek "morning love" i smiled

"hey thats my line" he said as he pulled me down beside him and pulled the covers over the both of us

"sorry, morning handsome" i smiled kissing him again but this time on the lips

"better" he smiled "why are you ready?" he asked

"im excited about the babies room" i said getting up

"oh yeah ill get ready and we can go out and buy stuff" he said getting up himself

10 minutes later he walked down in a pair of brown gino's and a creme sweater he looked like a model and i had to smile "you ready?" he asked as he took my hand

"yepp" i replied grabbing the car keys and house keys as we left the house

we shopped and bought blue paint for the room and we bought a white cought, white moses basket, a changng table and all the oter nesicaerities a baby needed, we also bouht a few dectorations that wernt really needed but w could help but buy. After we had bought everything for the room we spent £1234 on clothes for our baby

we went home and decided to paint the room i left Louis to do it because the fumes would hurt the baby and he called the boysfor help. i ended u falling asleep on the couch

i woke up the next morning in bed next t Louis which was weird because i remembered falling asleep on the couch. i remembered that Louis and the boys were decorating the babies room so i walked in and checked it out. It was beutiful better than i expected, everything was perfect the cougt in he right place in the middle of the room and under it a blue and white rund carpet, the moses basket in the conor and at the other cornor the changingtable, with evrything eles looke neat and perfect. I then felt too strong arms wrap around my head and asumed it was Louis but it wasnt they carried me down staries i started to scream these were my fathers hands "dont bother, Louis is out cold" my father growled as i cried Louis, was he ok?, was i ok? was the baby going to be ok?

i felt hm lift me into a car "i told you i'd be back, oh and yu ad Louis will not have this baby" he said with a wicked smirk. i couldtalk i just had to cry its all i could do as i held my baby and rubbed the place i thought his back was "were..are...we...going" i ,managed to splutter out

"you'll see" he growled again

"please let us go" i begged talking abou the baby and i, and he just laughed, as he was laughing he took his eyes off the road and BAMM we hit another car and i was out

*Louis' POV*

i regained counciousness and got in my car to follow Leah, i had to save them i drove down the road for about 20 minutes and was about to go to a different road when i saw a car crash, i ran and noticed who was in the back of the car, it was Leah, i rang emergency and an ambulance came and took us the hospital. Leah's dad was bought back to jail as he was fine, but Leah they didnt know if she'd make it through, if the baby would

i sat with her all day and night, i watched them do different tests and put different tubes in her

"if she wakes up today the baby will need to be delivered, if she doesnt she will have a c-section" the nurse told me and i broke down Leah might not be awake to give birth and just as i was about to totally break down Leah opened her eyes...

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